Cast of Characters

While this list is not nearly all of the people (or pets or things) I love and adore in my life, it does include those who have made this blog so far.

And just so you know, the stories told on this blog are all true, only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Hubby - my love, my husband of 27+ years
Scientist - our college graduate son
Engineer - our college freshman son
Nurse - our Scientist's girl 
Twins - our puppies (Tough Guy & Cat Dog)
Mom - my mom
Dad - my dad
Sister - my big sister
Younger Brother - my brother
Youngest Brother - my baby brother
Producer Niece - our niece (Sister's daughter)
Big Nephew - our college nephew (Sister's sons)
Little Nephew - our toddler nephew (Youngest Brother's son)
Grandma Gem  - my maternal grandma
Grandpa Pastor - my maternal grandpa
Grandma Teacher - my paternal grandma
Grandpa Farmer - my paternal grandpa
Dodge - my father-in-law
Darol - my mother-in-law
Pastor Cousin - our cousin
Cousin Christmas - our cousin
Cousin Sunshine - our cousin
Aunt Prayer Warrior - my aunt (Mom's sister)
Uncle Songleader - my uncle
Aunt Love - our aunt
Uncle Jayhawk - our uncle (Darol's brother)
Uncle Hardly - our uncle (Dodge's brother)
Gourmet Hostess / Miss Sally - my friend
Tea Queen - my friend
Praise Girl - my friend
Dog Whisperer - my friend
Southern Belle - my friend
Faithful Warrior - my friend
Plate Spinner - my friend & former co-worker
Warrior Mom (formerly Pioneer Girl) - my friend
Crazy Cat Woman - my friend
Specialist - my friend & former co-worker
Fitness Expert - my friend
Girl Scout Mom - my friend
Care Giver - my friend
Heart Mom - my friend
Grace Mom - my friend (Nurse's mom)
Feisty Flower - my friend (Grace Mom's mom & Nurse's grandmother)
Wondrous - my friend
Supergirl - the Nurse & Scientist's friend
Music Man - the Scientist's roommate & friend
Computer Whiz - the Scientist's roommate & friend
Hockey Star - the Scientist's roommate & friend
Hug Chair - my favorite little chair
Hug Bed - our comfy bed

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  1. Thanks, my good old friend :) - Crazy Cat Lady


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