Thursday, September 18, 2014

September: Celebrating The Quiet

Well here we are over halfway through the month and I am finally writing my first post of September. I've really struggled with writing this summer and as we ease into fall...I'm still struggling with what to say to y'all.

If you know me in real life, then you know that me not knowing what to say is somewhat strange. I don't deny it. It is. And's strange for me too. I just don't feel much like talking or writing these days. I think it's truly because I just don't know what to say.

As you know, we are in a transition period of our lives. One we did not expect to be in at this time and it has left us a little out of our element. Everything in our lives has once again changed and we are working daily to figure out the next step. And we are finding out it isn't as easy as it might seem.

Clearly being in this new season of our lives with no clear direction is a bit baffling at this stage (and age) for us. So...I'm a little quieter than I usually am.

Maybe I am finally learning what that verse from Psalm 46:10 actually means. It says:

“Be still, and know that I am God."
I know it doesn't sound very Christian of me...but I've never really cared for this verse. It kind of goes against everything that is in me. Do I really have to be still to know God? I have fought that idea for pretty much my entire 45 years.

But something about this season has flipped a switch in my usual busy, talkative self and I am learning to embrace this be still time. This month I have spent a great deal of time "being still" through prayer and Bible reading.
The pups enjoy The Quiet with me.

I have been working on two projects which both require a significant amount of time reading and searching the Bible. Much of this time, I sit quietly reading and writing out Bible verses. And while these projects aren't for just me personally, I have gained so much as I discover verse after verse pertaining to where I am right now.

In the quiet, I also talk with God about so many dear people who are going through incredibly difficult issues right now. I have friends fighting cancer or overseeing their child's cancer battle and/or several other critical health issues. Friends and relatives of ours are dealing with divorce, separation, severe health issues, a struggling child, family strife, military deployment, financial troubles, marital wounds, heartache, unemployment, and major disappointment.

While I'm being still, these people that we dearly care about come to mind.

The list seems long and heavy. There are so many loved ones that are carrying very real burdens. And these are just the ones I personally know about. I am sure there are plenty more out there feeling quiet and just don't have the words to share the load that is bogging them down right now. Not knowing what else to do (or say)...I pray...often writing them down in a little prayer journal I have started.

So this month I'm celebrating The Quiet. It's been a tremendous time of being still and I do know without a doubt that God is God.

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