Monday, April 28, 2014

April: Celebrating Family

Well Hello April...

Yes, I am aware that we are nearly through the entire month already and I have yet to post a blog or share what I am celebrating this month. Life took an unexpected turn at the end of March and it's taken our family a few weeks to get back on track.

However, even though you haven't heard for me all month, I have been Celebrating Family. Just a few weeks ago, I sat across from Hubby in stunned silence as we both realized we were about to embark on some major life in jobs...our home...a school for our Engineer...and even the state in which we live.

Major changes. Life altering changes. Unexpected changes. So yeah...I was stunned...into silence. Thus a quiet blog.

From that day forward, we have prayed, planned, plotted, researched, applied, talked, and did I mention prayed? There is SO much to do that it can be a bit overwhelming if we think about we try really hard to just do what we need to do and not think about it too much. Some days that works...kinda...

During this time, Hubby and I have had several days of extra time together. What a blessing that has been! I LOVE having Hubby "underfoot" and truly look forward to our days of true together-all-day-everyday retirement. I think we are going to laugh so much and have way too much fun, because even during these busy days of checking items off our To Do Lists, we find great joy in being together. While we go through this "hunker down and figure stuff out" phase, I am Celebrating Hubby.

About this same time, our Engineer finished up a demanding spring play schedule and Hubby and I have enjoyed extra time with him home again most evenings. Although the boy is quiet and can go long periods without much to say, when he does pipe up with something, he pretty much always makes us smile. I have certainly Celebrated more time with our Engineer these past few weeks.

In the middle of the month, we got some extra blessed time with our Scientist as well. Since growing up and going off to college, this was his first year he was able to come home during Easter break. It was a quick visit, but we packed as much Celebrating as we possibly could in those three short days. We certainly Celebrated our extra time with our Scientist that weekend.

One way we Celebrated was by opening the Blessing Jar and reading all of the blessings we have placed in that jar since beginning it in January. To my surprise, it was Hubby that suggested we open it. He didn't want to wait until New Year's Eve, because he had something in the jar he wanted to share with us. Also, the jar was already getting pretty full...

So what better time to open the Blessing Jar than Easter? We Celebrated our little family that evening by reading those blessings which lead to much laughter, many smiles, and even a few tears. It was a precious time for our family and a true Celebration as well.

And there are already more blessings piling up in the newly emptied jar.

The next day, we loaded up our van and headed off to meet up with Dad, Mom, and the rest of my entire family for a weekend of Celebrating Family by Celebrating Dad and Mom's 50th Wedding Anniversary and Easter. Their actual anniversary is coming up in June, but Easter weekend was when we could get all 15 loved ones together to celebrate.

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend in the country with music, laughter, chatting, games, hikes, scenic drives, tower climbs, and way too much food! We Celebrated the love Mom and Dad have shared for over 50 years along with the love we all have for each other. It was a great celebration.

Of course we also Celebrated one of my most favorite holidays that same weekend: Easter. It was Mom's request that we all attend Easter Sunrise Service together at a very special local cross. We created memories we will never forget and Celebrated Family in a very special way.

So while I did not blog about it all month long...I have been busy Celebrating Family in several unique ways. And perhaps the most special of all was Easter Morning. As hundreds (maybe even thousands) of us gathered on a hillside out in the country at the foot of a towering a blood, marriage, and through the sacrifice of Christ, celebrated our Risen Savior.

With grateful hearts, we lifted our voices to sing glory to the name of Jesus. We listened as the pastor reminded us of how the Son of God willingly died on the cross at Calvary for the sins of each and every person. All we have to do is Believe it to be true....Believe that Jesus really did die on the cross for our sins and He will forgive us of those sins and prepare a place for us in Heaven.

And truly...that is Celebrating Family in the most precious way I can imagine.

Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.    John 20:30-31