Saturday, January 4, 2014

The "Quick Jot" Journal

Have you ever wanted to start a journal, but then never took the time to do it? Or you started one...but then life got busy...and before you knew had forgotten all about it? Or maybe you did get one going but then it became a chore instead of a fun project?

Over the years, I have had all of those issues...but I have come up with a Fresh Start to journaling I am very excited about. I think maybe...just maybe this one will work. And not only do I think it will work, but it could also become a yearly kind of "never-ending journal".

Ok...I understand that all journals must come to an end at some point...but I do think this is something I can add as a Fresh Start this year that could easily become a regular routine in my life.

So...again...this is my version of someone else's brilliant idea. A friend of mine told me about a "mini journal" project she spotted on Pinterest.

Oh Pinterest...what did we do before you existed?

Anyway...the idea was to make up a recipe box with 365 cards (one for each day of the year). Then on each day you write 2014 and a line or two about that day on the corresponding card. After completing the entire year of cards, you start over by adding 2015 under what you wrote on that day in 2014. The idea is that you can look back on any day and see what you did several years in a row.

I liked this idea...a lot...but I didn't care for the format. The problem is you have to sift through the cards if you want to look back at a special day. Plus those cards aren't very big and are only going to hold a few years. So I took this idea and "Rosied" it a bit just as I did the The Blessings Jar.

To start this project, Hubby picked up a 200 page spiral bound notebook while he was out and about. He choose a very pretty Rosie colored one. I really like it.
I titled my journal:
The Life & Times of a gal named Rosie & her Merry Men. 

Then I wrote January 1 at the top of the first page and wrote a few lines about that day.

We spent January 1st at Dad and Mom's farm. We were blessed with the opportunity to help them a little with a big project. It was a fun day for Hubby, our boys, and me. We ended the day enjoying yummy soup, cookies, and cake that Mom made. She is a great cook and makes the best Chocolate Chip Cookies.

So this is basically what I wrote under 2014 on the first page. Then I skipped a line and wrote 2015 so that page is ready for next year. The next day I wrote January 2 at the top of the back side of that page and continued my journaling.
Yes, I am writing my journal in Rosie pink ink...of course.
It's kind of a theme in my life and it makes me smile.

The reason I like the notebook idea better than using cards is that I can get more years on a page than a card and I also think it will be easier to go back and read through old entries. Once the notebook is filled up, I think it would be easy to just grab another one and continue on for years to come.

Once I get back into routine next week, I plan to keep the notebook by my bed and Quickly Jot down my thoughts from the day right before I go to sleep. It's something I can easily add to my bedtime routine and it should only take a minute or two to do it!

This project brings to mind this verse:
Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom. ~ Psalm 90:12

Maybe as I number each day in this journal...and write down the blessings, happenings, and lessons learned through the years to come, I might gain a little wisdom along the way. If will all be worth the few minutes I have taken to add this project to my daily routine.

Here's to a Fresh Start to journaling!

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