Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Blessings Jar

I'm not making any real New Year's Resolutions this year. I have in the past...and sometimes I have stuck to them...but most of my New Year's resolutions turned out to be not so resolute. This year instead of resolutions, I'm going to focus on getting Good Fresh Starts in 2014.

The idea is that I am going to add some projects to my regular routine. They aren't really goals or anything I am trying to change. Instead, they are simply Fresh New Starts I am adding to my life. I have several ideas that I plan to incorporate into my routine and I will share them with you throughout the month of January.

The first one I want to tell you about is Our Blessings Jar.

Our family is doing a version of this idea that I found on Pinterest. When I came across the idea of a "Memory Jar"...I pinned it...and then kind of forgot about it like I do with a lot of really neat ideas I find on Pinterest. Thankfully I was clicking around on Pinterest recently and stumbled across this idea again.

So I took the idea of a Memory Jar and Rosied it up a little. In my version, we are using this cute little jar I purchased at World Market in early December. I had planned to use it to hold Christmas candy, but then I never got around to putting candy in it. And then I decided it would be perfect for this fun project!

First, I printed out a little sign, hole punched it, and tied it onto the jar with a pretty gold string. I cut up some scrap paper into little rectangles and placed them in a little basket along with my favorite new gel ink pens in pink and green. I have asked my guys to participate in the Blessings Jar with me and they have all sweetly agreed. (Although...I'm guessing I will be the only one using the pink pen...)

The plan is to fill this Blessings Jar throughout the entire year with memories that have blessed each of us. I have asked my guys that when they add a blessing to the jar, that they include the date and their name. Of course visitors to our home will be welcome to add their blessings to the jar as well. (Did I mention I have a cool new pink gel pen?)

Even though our Scientist will be heading back to school for the Spring Semester soon, he still plans to participate in the Blessings Jar with us. He has promised to call or text me with blessings that I will write down and add to the jar for him.

Then at the end of the year...perhaps on December 31st...we will sit down together, empty out the jar, and read all of the blessings we placed into our Blessings Jar throughout 2014. 

This is something new we have never done before. It is a Fresh Way of looking for the Blessings bestowed on us daily. My hope is this project will heighten our awareness of the big and little gifts God provides for us.

While thinking about all of this...I found this beautiful Psalm that sings about God's blessings...and I love that these verses also encourage celebrating together and praising God.
Psalm 67:1-7 says:
May God pour His grace and blessings into us
    and turn His face to shine His light on us.
So all those on earth will learn to follow Your way
    and see Your saving power come to redeem all nations.
May all people live to praise You, Our True God;
    may all come to praise You.
May all nations celebrate together, singing joy-filled songs of praise to You
    because You judge the people fairly
    and give guidance to all the nations of the earth.
May the people praise You with their whole hearts, O God;
    may every man, woman, and child on the earth praise You.
The land has supplied a bountiful harvest,
    and the True God, our God, has poured out His blessings to us all.
God is the source of our blessings;
    may every corner of the earth respect and revere Him.

How fitting these words are as I Celebrate Fresh Starts this month!

And as we finish up Day 2 of 2014...we already have a couple of Blessings in our Blessings Jar. I think this year is off to a Good Fresh Start!

May God richly bless Your New Year!

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  1. And I really really LOVE the idea that our Scientist can participate in this project with us even when he is far far away at college!


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