Tuesday, January 28, 2014

If You Give A Girl A Pile...

I've been on an organizing and rearranging rampage this month. And I have to say...nothing gives me a better feeling of a new Fresh Start than when I get the house picked up, cleaned up, and organized. After a few hours of working hard, I love that feeling of dusting myself off and sitting down to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

It all started with the Christmas decorations. I love dressing our home up for Christmas. I just delight in the beauty, traditions, and little sparkly lights...but after a month or more...I'm ready to put it away and clean. And as it does most years, it kicked off something in me.

So I packed up all of our precious decorations into large plastic tubs...then wiped, vacuumed, and rearranged the house back into order. Our boys kindly carried all the tubs downstairs for me and then left them "neatly" in a pile at the bottom of the basement steps.

Next I tackled our guest room which becomes Christmas Central during the month of December (unless, of course, we actually have guests during December...but this past Christmas we did not...so this room became my main staging area for storing and wrapping gifts).

I summoned up the courage, headed upstairs, and opened the bedroom door which I had closed the day after Christmas...because who wanted to look at that mess when walking past it to bed each night....

It was still the complete and total disaster area that I remembered. Strewn across the bed were package tags, ribbons, bows, scissors, tape, Christmas gift bags, and a three foot long plastic tub full of wrapping paper. Scattered across the floor were empty shopping bags and boxes, more Christmas gift bags, half used rolls of wrapping paper, and a large plastic tub with even more gift wrapping options. Propped up in one corner was a trash bag full of wrapping and shopping trash. And on the dresser lay gift receipts, clothing tags, and more package tags.

A couple hours later...I could finally see the top of the dresser, the floor, and the bed again. With that task complete, I headed downstairs to relax in the Hug Chair for a bit. As I sat there clicking around on my computer I felt so cold...and I seem to be cold every minute of every day this winter. It was then that I realized part of reason I've been so cold was because the Hug Chair was sitting next to a large picture window and the cold was just seeping right through it!

Prompted by my deep desire to be "less cold", I set about rearranging the living room and moved my Hug Chair to the opposite side of the room next to a heat vent. And yes...this required that I then move every single piece of furniture in the entire room including both sofas and Hubby's "Xtreme-size" throne recliner. (Yes, it's that large...at least it sure seems like it when you are under 5 foot tall with no upper body strength.)  Naturally, moving furniture also instigated a need for dusting and vacuuming...didn't I just do that?

With everything finally in place, I flopped into the Hug Chair and finally relaxed a bit...until Hubby came in and reminded me that there was a pile of Christmas decorations sitting at the bottom of the steps and it was inching it's way into his workshop area of the basement.

That...my friends... led to a full Saturday afternoon of organizing boxes into a corner of our basement...which led to more organizing of other corners of the basement...which ended in two huge boxes of donations for the Salvation Army.
Is anyone else thinking about this book right about now?
Of course while I was going through all our basement items, I came across a few items long forgotten that became a pile stacked on the steps to be carried back upstairs. Once the work in the basement was complete, I headed upstairs with my reunited items and promptly dumped them in a small pile in our front room/office area.

As you might have guessed, this brought me to a new project....in our front room/office area. It was about this time that I was thinking about that Proverbs 31 "Wife of Noble Character".
Verse 17 of that chapter says:
She sets about her work vigorously;
    her arms are strong for her tasks.

I don't measure up to this gal...but I do try and I was thinking about her yesterday when I found myself standing in the middle of that room surveying the situation. This is our Engineer's main hang out area. He has a desk and computer in one corner with a cabinet and a set of baskets to hold his school books and computer equipment (because evidently seventeen year old boys have a lot of computer accessories... and really...who am I to question that...says the girl that might know a thing or two about accessories...).

Our Engineer is normally an extremely neat person...especially for a teenage boy. But he had let his corner get a bit out of control. And again...I'm not judging him because across from his corner sits my desk area which may or may not have been a bit out of control as well.

So once again, I got busy rearranging, cleaning, sorting, and organizing. Just as I triumphantly completed the task, our Engineer arrived home from school. He quickly deduced what I had been working on...and I heard him utter "oh no." But as he came into the room and I showed him all that I had done...much to my relief...he was actually quite pleased with the Fresh Start I had given him for this new semester of school.

As we near the end of this Fresh New Starts month, I'm glad I took the time to give this home a face lift. It feels good and it was a much needed Fresh Start for our little family. I know I'm not anywhere near meeting the standards of that blessed wife in Proverbs 31...but I'm going to keep trying and maybe someday I'll hear the words of verse 28:
Her children arise and call her blessed;
her husband also, and he praises her.

And you know...I think I came pretty close when Hubby saw how I even organized the plastic shopping bags that we stuff into a plastic drawer in the laundry room...

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