Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Three Days of Thanks

Yesterday my cousin posted that it was 24 days until Thanksgiving! I smiled as I thought about this month's Celebrate Thanksgiving Quest! Only 23 days to go...

Sunday I ordered a special surprise for Thanksgiving Day. It was a double blessing because the order gave me a chance to support someone I love and it will be a special surprise to others I love as we celebrate Thanksgiving together. And heeheehee...I so enjoy surprising those I love.

As I recently shared, Mom, Sister, and I enjoyed a wonderful time of renewal at a Living Proof Live event with Beth Moore a little over a week ago. One of my "take-aways" from that weekend was that I really wanted to spend more time in prayer.

A few days later I discovered an awesome prayer journal, purchased it, and began using it. So Monday I sat down and wrote out my thanks to God in my new journal. I also included special prayer requests I have prayed for others.

It seems to me that through conversations, news articles, Facebook posts, email, text, and phone calls, I pray over at least one...usually several...prayer requests every day. I am most grateful to have this new prayer journal to document these prayer concerns as I receive them. Not only is it a written reminder for me to continue to pray, but with each writing, I take the time to pray right then as I write the prayer in the journal. I am so grateful for this new prayer aid.

Today I mailed off a card to someone I am very thankful to know in this life. She is a wonderful young lady that has a true heart for missions and a great artistic talent from God. In a effort to raise money for a special missions program, she is using her talent to create cards.

I am incredibly proud of this former student of mine. It makes me so thankful to know her. So I sent off a card happily supporting her mission fundraising efforts. I am very thankful we have the means to support such important mission work. And I can't wait to receive a few of her beautiful drawings in the mail!

How about you? As Thanksgiving approaches, do you feel thankful?
Did you find a way to Celebrate Thanksgiving today?

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