Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Christmas Story

*UPDATE: Each of December's The Christmas Story posts are listed at the bottom of this post.*

When I kicked off this blog last year, I focused every single day of December on Celebrating Christmas. It was fun to get up each day and make an effort to share, experience, and enjoy Christmas. I loved it.

For me, it was a memory-making time and stirred something inside me that inspired my 2013 Year Long Adventure of doing a Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest each month for the entire year. 

Now as I finish up this amazing Quest-filled year, I want to do something special in December to celebrate Christmas. This month I really want to keep my focus on the Story of Christmas. The real one. The one about the birth of Jesus.

So, during the hustle and bustle of shopping...baking...singing... preparing... decorating... mailing...and enjoying this fun-filled season, I want to carve out a little time to remember.  Yes, remember and meditate on the miraculous event that took place in Mary's young life that forever changed the world.

For the next two weeks, please join me as I share the Christmas Story from the books of Luke and Matthew. I believe a really good story makes you feel, act, or think. This story, The Christmas Story from the Bible, does all three. This true story will make you feel will make you want to do great...and it will most certainly make you think about the amazing gifts God bestows on us.

Matthew and Luke tell us the beautiful story about love, obedience, goodness, kindness, understanding, acceptance, faith, murder, escape, fear, dishonesty, a miracle birth, and salvation.

The Christmas story isn't just a sweet little tale about a miracle baby born to save the world. It's a real life changing story with real people who trusted God to know better even when things looked difficult, confusing, or maybe even impossible. And that miracle Savior baby? Yes, he is real also and he really was born to save the world...but before we get to that wondrous part...there's so much more to the story.

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