Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Support, Storms, Inspiration, and Brunch

I can't believe it's already Tuesday and I have a few days of catching up with you about my Celebrate Thanksgiving Quest.

Saturday was a day of Thanks for Hubby. He supports me like no other person in my life. I really needed him to do that this weekend and he did not fail my expectations. I do thank God for him every day. He is the most amazing blessing in my life and his actions and love on Saturday filled my heart with thanksgiving for him even more.

As you may have heard, the weather turned nasty here in the Midwest on Sunday. The winds blew...the rains pelted us...and we braced for a possible tornado. Damaging winds swirled around us, but our little area of the world did not take a direct hit. I was reminded on Sunday what a blessing our home is. I am ever thankful that this particular home has a basement for days just like Sunday. We can go down there and safely wait until the dangerous weather passes and I am so very grateful for that.

You may remember me sharing about our time living in another home, The Red Brick Homemany years ago when the boys and I rode out a F-5 tornado that blew across our town destroying homes and lives along it's path. While we huddled in our neighbor's walk-in closest with them and their pets, we listened to the radio. The tornado was headed straight for us and it was destroying everything in it's path. And we had nowhere safe to go. It was a very helpless vulnerable feeling. Less than a quarter of a mile from our neighborhood, the tornado turned and we were spared.

In the coming days the realization of the destruction would become overwhelming...not just homes...but whole neighborhoods were gone. Just gone. As we ventured out a little we saw cars in trees...piles of rubble where homes once stood...trees uprooted and then driven back into the ground...and a site I have never forgotten, a train car torn into two pieces. Half of it lay on one side of the road and the other half laid on the other side. To this day I still can't believe I saw that. A train car...ripped in half.

But even worse than all of that was the many lives lost on that day. As we learned the names...saw the faces...and heard their stories...it was so painful...heartbreaking. Of course every time the sky darkens and the winds pick up...I pay attention. I take it seriously. It concerns me and I listen for sirens and prepare to head to our basement for shelter. I have seen what a tornado can do. All these many years later, I have not forgotten that experience.

And each time the weather turns and I find myself preparing for the storm...I thank God for a home with a basement. I thank him for the people in my lives. I spend a few minutes in gratefulness with Him because I have seen what storms can do to homes and lives. And I do not take that for granted.

While our town was spared any damage Sunday, there were several communities around us that were not and my heart has been with those who are recovering. Of course we are all thankful that we did not have a high number of people lost during these storms, whether it is hundreds of people perishing or "just a few", each person gone is a huge loss to the people in their lives and my heart goes out to those in mourning after these storms.

Like many I have talked to...Sunday brought me to my knees in thankfulness.

I spent Monday writing and working on a plan for what I'm going to do with this blog in December. I am excited about doing something new and different than what I have done before...but also a little anxious and hopeful that y'all will enjoy it.

I'm keeping it secret for a few more days...but I will say it is about Christmas (of course - it is December!). As I worked on my new project, I heard from a friend and her words inspired mine. I found myself so thankful for my sweet friend, Dog Whisperer, and the inspiration our conversation ignited in me.

Today I spent the morning with a lovely group of women that I didn't know just a couple of months ago. We have been doing a Bible study together at our church every Tuesday and today's brunch was a sweet end to a special time.

These past eight weeks, I was encouraged....prayed for...prayed with...and I learned so much more about the Bible and myself. It was a delightful experience and I will miss this group as we take a break for the Christmas season.

As we enjoyed our country breakfast...chatted....and laughed, I found myself feeling such great thankfulness for these ladies and their examples of faith. I am grateful for that blessing.

As the days of November count down toward Thanksgiving, I am seeing more and more Christmas. Of course that excites me and delights me, but I also fight the urge to jump into it just yet. I want to truly stayed focused on all that is Thanksgiving...it's meaning as a holiday...and it's meaning in my life.


  1. Thankful, thankful, thankful... Everytime I hear of something happening...as in tornado warnings...in your neck of hte woods, I pray. And I text. Because..., as the famous dog Doug says,..., "because I love you." :)

  2. And, hey!!! For the FIRST TIME!!!.... My comment actually posted!!! (you have no idea how many responses I've written...some quite lengthy...to your sweet blog..., and they never post!)

    1. I changed the settings, Libby, and I think it's working better now! Your post on the Russian Princess posted as well, I just had to ok it because it was an older post. :) And I am so thankful for your prayers, love, and sweet friendship! Thank you!!


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