Saturday, November 2, 2013

November Quest: Celebrate Thanksgiving

It's November - my very last Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest month! I can't believe I have just 30 days left in my 2013 Year Long Adventure! It has been an amazing journey for me. Most days I really enjoyed it...some days I didn't want to take the time for it...a few days here and there I dreaded it...but all in all...I really needed to take this challenge.

It changed me. It changed my attitude...thought process...and even helped me develop a Rosier outlook. I learned new things about myself...I surprised myself (and maybe even a few of you) at times...and it was one of the most encouraging experiences of my life.

But it's not over yet! So for the month of November, my Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest is to Celebrate Thanksgiving Every Day. I plan to do something every day to help me focus on and celebrate this wonderful holiday. It will be similar to how I Celebrated Christmas Every Day in December. I originally had a different idea for this month, but changed the whole plan yesterday.

Just two days into November, and it feels like I have already been "bombarded" with Christmas. That might be a slight exaggeration... maybe... probably...but feels like everywhere I look there are Christmas references. I have seen them on Facebook, online, on TV, and in my email.

I have already gotten several Christmas catalogs in the mail and our local floral/decorating shop has moved what's left of their small selection of Fall/Thanksgiving decorations to a corner of the shop so they could fill the rest of their two-room store with Christmas gifts and decorations.

It kind of feels like: Thanksgiving who?

If you followed me through my very first Quest last December, you know I LOVE Christmas. It is my favorite holiday and I personally celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ because His gift of salvation has completely changed my life. I love all things Christmas from celebrations...parties...special Christmas treats...and the list goes on and on.

Yes, I LOVE Christmas...but come on! Thanksgiving is quite a special holiday as well. It is a reminder of the people we come from. There is so much good we can remember and take from that very first Thanksgiving in 1621.

This is such a special time of year to gather with family and friends to share in our gratefulness. With all of the excitement of Christmas coming...I don't want to miss this time to pause and take in all that is great and good...not only in my own life...but in my friends and family lives...and in this amazing country we get to call our home.

So yesterday I kicked off this Thanksgiving Celebration by taking some time to stop and thank our Lord for Hubby. He is so much more than my spouse. He is truly the closest person in my life. And while it means everything to me that he loves and adores me, I am most grateful that he likes me.

He really likes the person I am. And that is saying a lot since he sees pretty much all of it...the good days and the horrible days. He's seen me at my worst and somehow he is (in his words) still "mesmerized" by me after all these years. Oh yes, I totally love and adore him too....but even better I really like him back.

So yesterday, I just poured all this out to God thanking him for creating such a wonderful helpmate...partner...and husband. I absolutely cherish being his wife.

Today I celebrated Thanksgiving by getting out my decorations. As you know from my recent Fall post, I already have plenty of pumpkins and leaves adorning our home. Today I packed up the Halloween decorations and put a few Thanksgiving favorites out among the pumpkins and such:

The turkey wreath always makes me smile when I hang him on our house for all to see. His legs actually swing freely which I think is a unique feature.

I just love getting Mr. & Mrs. Pilgrim out each November. They are my favorite Thanksgiving decoration and they hang out on the front porch and greet our guests every year.

This little turkey made an appearance in my classroom each year that
I taught. My student's really enjoyed plucking his feathers!


Just two days in and I feel I made the right choice to spend this month focusing my final 2013 Quest on Celebrating Thanksgiving!

And...I am so thankful for all of you!


  1. Rosemary, I have really enjoyed reading your blog this year! I'm so proud of you for sticking to the quests every single month! I did some and didn't some, mostly didn't, so that makes it even more amazing to me! Please keep blogging...I let weeks go by sometimes where I don't get a chance to read, but then I always spend some time and catch up, and tonight I'm all caught up on your blogs. You are a blessing to many!

    1. Thank you so much Deirdre! You have been such an encouragement throughout this entire year! Your words brought tears to my eyes because not only do they mean a great deal to me, but so does your sweet friendship. I miss seeing and working with you every day. I am so grateful to God that He brought us together to enjoy a friendship that will clearly last our lifetimes. :) I do plan to keep blogging...but I haven't figured out exactly what I will do with this blog in the coming year. hmmmm


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