Friday, November 8, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: 200th Edition

Guess what? This post...this very my 200th My Rosie Outlook Blog post! I really can't believe I have written 200 blog posts. 200. Wow!

Today I am so thankful for this blog, my readers, and this incredible experience. It really is another reason why this Celebrate Thanksgiving Quest has been one of the easiest Quests of this 2013 Year Long Journey!

Wednesday I finished up six weeks of Physical Therapy on my injured knee. It was a "graduation" day of sorts as my therapists declared me strong and ready to move on to an at-home routine. It was a good feeling to know that six weeks of hard work had paid off and I have successfully strengthened my knee in a effort to avoid surgery.

In the weeks to come I will continue a little workout at home, and I will always need to be a bit more careful with that knee, but I am on my way to getting back to normal. With great thanks, I hugged both of my therapist and walked out of the PT office feeling better physically. It was then that I praised God right there in the parking lot! Thanksgiving filled my heart as the accomplishment and relief flooded over me.

This week I have had a few people contact me with encouragement. It has been an unexpected blend of local and far away friends. I had not told anyone I was in need of encouragement...but I was. And isn't it just like God to nudge a few someones to reach out just when I needed a little love?

As this all dawned on me Thursday...I found myself saying a prayer of Thanksgiving to our loving Lord for each of those precious friends. They listened to His prompting and took a few minutes of their busy day to lift me up. I am a bit in awe...deeply touched...and just so thankful.

Oh yes...of course I haven't forgotten that it is For Fun...Here's a Friday Funny:

And now I'm so thankful it's the WEEKEND!

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