Thursday, November 21, 2013

Faithful Warrior

Yesterday I awoke to the news that my friend, Faithful Warrior, had passed away. I wrote a bit about her amazing attitude and perseverance in April. I shared about praying for her again in May. She had already been fighting cancer for years at that point.

After two long, hard-fought battles with breast cancer, Faithful Warrior has finished these earthly battles. As her husband put it, "She won the war because she now walks with Jesus". 

She was a wife completely in love with her husband. She often said they were a perfect match and those that knew them, truly agreed. She was a loving mom who dedicated herself to raising her two sons. She was very close to her parents and dearly loved them. Her love for her family and friends was clear to all who knew her.

For years she fought her illness with optimism and faith that the Lord would provide all she needed. She was very open in her belief that God was in control and she relied on Him to see her through. She was an incredible witness to all who came into contact with her. Her bravery, strength, grace, and positive outlook were an amazing inspiration to everyone.

As I mentioned in my post in April, Faithful Warrior was not consumed by her battles with cancer. While she fought hard and tried every option available to her to beat it, she also continued to live an active happy life throughout her illness. She focused on her family and found great joy in the big and little things. 

She continued to think of others when she had every right to be self-focused. I was personally touched when she reached out to my cousin when he received a diagnosis of cancer. Faithful Warrior sent him such sweet encouragement which he really needed at the time. And did I mention that she had never met him? She prayed for him and he prayed for her. And I was overcome with the beauty of it in a time of such worry for both of them. 

I will forever remember that. It reminds me of part of a letter that the apostle John wrote:

"It gave me great joy when some believers came and testified about your faithfulness to the truth, telling how you continue to walk in it. 
Dear friend, you are faithful in what you are doing for the brothers and sisters, even though they are strangers to you."                 ~ 1 John 1:3;5

Yes...the name Faithful Warrior suits her well.

The last personal message I received from Faithful Warrior was in October. She, Miss Sally, and I were messaging on Facebook and the last words she sent us were, "Love you guys lots!" 
I am so very thankful for the blessing of knowing Faithful Warrior. I am incredibly blessed by her friendship and the inspiration she leaves with me. 

I can't imagine the number of lives she has touched through the way she lived her own life. My heart, prayers, hugs, love, and deep sympathy are with her husband, two young sons, her parents, and all the family and friends mourning her loss. 

I know her family finds great comfort in knowing she is now cancer-free and enjoying her rewards in heaven. It was a long, hard fought battle...but yes, her husband is right, she has won the war and now walks with Jesus. 

Oh what joyous peace that brings during such a time of heartache.

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