Monday, November 11, 2013

Celebrating Thanksgiving All Weekend Long

Happy Veteran's Day to all our wonderful Active Duty and Retired American Servicemen and Servicewomen! Thank you for your bravery...honor...commitment...and courage. Thank you to all the family and friends supporting them through each mission. We live in the greatest country on earth and I am very grateful to our Troops for protecting us and our freedoms every day. We truly are a grateful nation.

Of course a day like today makes it easy to Celebrate Thanksgiving. Over the past few days...Hubby, our Engineer, and I have had several opportunities to show our love and thanks to many local Veterans. We were blessed to attend a Veteran's Day Program at the very elementary school where Hubby and I attended during our elementary years. It was so special to return and see many familiar faces.

As wonderful memories flooded back, we laughed over how much smaller the building seemed than what we remembered. While there, we got to the shake hands and share our thanks with many Veterans from the local area. It was such a blessed time and we left feeling incredibly grateful for the opportunity.

Our weekend was filled with many moments of Thanksgiving: We visited with Mom and Dad...played in a little tiny cabin with Little Nephew...ate a yummy meal at Aunt & Uncle's Restaurant...and got to visit a bit with them and Pastor Cousin.

Hubby and I enjoyed a date lunch and we laughed and laughed. We went to the movies...were the ONLY ONES in the ENTIRE theater...and it was the coolest experience. Hubby helped me do a huge restock-the-pantry grocery run...our Engineer helped us unload it all...and then Hubby helped me get it all put away. We enjoyed a beautiful fall weekend with sunny weather...a great service at church...and a day off together today enjoying a bit of sweet family time.

I also met up with a new friend. I was praying for her and her sweet family long before she ever moved to the area. We were connected through my dear friend Miss Sally...and after several months of trying to meet, today we finally got to meet face to face and give each other a hug! And it was such a blessing!

For me...often it really is the "little things". So yes...I feel I truly Celebrated Thanksgiving this long holiday weekend as I enjoyed all these "little things" with a grateful song in my heart!

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