Monday, October 7, 2013

What? Me Worry?

Today was a bad day at Physical Therapy. My knee hurt...I couldn't do as much as I had done before...I had a new pain...and I left feeling disappointed and discouraged. The truth is I was feeling that way even before I got there today because my knee was already hurting before I arrived for my session.

I have taken this effort toward strengthening my knee seriously. I have no interest in having knee surgery.  And so...I have this concern gnawing at me that surgery is inevitable and these physical therapy sessions aren't going to stop it.

And to top it off I am stuck listening to ESPN the entire time I am at physical therapy...which for a girl like me is adding insult to injury...literally.

Today I came home from PT sore and less Rosie than usual. I sat in the Hug Chair and rested my knee...and maybe felt a little down. I know better. There are people dealing with much bigger struggles than an achy knee.  My pain is somewhat constant, but it is no way terrible. I know in my heart this isn't really that bad. And at this moment in time...there is no surgery scheduled for me.  I don't have it bad at all.

I actually have it very good.  I have a Hubby who encourages me during my at-home physical therapy exercises.  Both he and our Engineer have pitched in and done things for me. Our Scientist and Nurse have checked in from college far far away to see how I am doing. Several of my family and friends have encouraged me. They are praying for me as well. I am truly blessed.

As I sat in the Hug Chair I thought on all these things and just made myself GET OVER IT! I'm not going to borrow trouble before it comes.  Tomorrow I am going to get up and do my PT exercises.  Then I will ice my knee and spend some time thanking God for all the good in my life.

Next, I will thank God for going before me and making a plan for my life. The kind of plan that I do not have to worry about because He is already there taking care of everything...even if I have to have surgery.

In the mean time...I will go to physical hard to strengthen my with ESPN blaring during my sessions...and pray that all I say and do will bring glory to God as I trust in His plan for my future. worries.

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  1. Awhile after reading this today, I read an article titled "Confidence" by guideposts founder Norman Vincenr Peale in the October Guideposts... His words reminded me of the contents of your blog. He said: " ....the surest way to live confidently is to have what I call a 'big God. ' Many of us have a very little God. It is we who have limited Him. We believe in God, but as to applying his power, his might, his love, and his greatness we aren't always confident the idea will work ....we try to take on our troubled alone. ...." you should check out this article. Tea queen


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