Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Time To Move The Furniture this isn't the most thought provoking inspiring post I have written...but just wondering if anyone else deals with this at home?

Today I moved the living room furniture around.  I do this every couple of months or so. I have several Good Reasons Why I do this. The Guys in my life are not big fans of me moving the furniture.  I say it's because they fear change and then I remind them about my Good Reasons Why.

Here are my Top Seven Good Reasons Why I Move The Furniture:

1. Changing the traffic pattern helps keep the carpet from wearing too much in one place. We try to take good care of the things that we I move the furniture.

2. Our furniture (that we purchased when we lived in our last home) does not fit the size and shape of this living room very I move the furniture around hoping to find a better layout.

3. I have two favorite places for the Hug Chair. One is next to our big picture window that looks out over our backyard. The only problem is that a floor vent is also in that spot. During the summertime when we have the air conditioning running, I do not enjoy having cold air blow on me because I spend most of the time feeling cold. So when the air conditioning is running...I move the furniture.

4. My other favorite spot for the Hug Chair is next to the opening into our office area where our Engineer spends a good deal of his time. I like that while my chair is in the living room, I can still feel like I'm in the other room as well. Sometimes we chat while I am sitting in the Hug Chair and he is at his computer in the office area. So I move the furniture.

5. I like to decorate...and it turns out sometimes redecorate. So when I get bored with the way things look...I move the furniture.

6. I don't know why...but when I move the living room just feels clean and fresh. Sometimes when things sit in one place for too long, I need to move them and clean. So if the house is feeling a little dusty or dingy...I move the furniture.

7. Hubby has one favorite place that he likes his Big Recliner...directly across from the TV. He especially enjoys having his chair there during Football Season. I don't know if you are aware...but Football Season has today I moved the furniture. And now Hubby's Big Recliner is in his favorite spot.

Today the house felt a little was time to change the traffic pattern through the living room...I was bored with the current furniture layout...and thought maybe I could figure out a better layout for the size and shape of the room...there's a chill in the air and we are no longer running the air conditioning...and did I mention Football Season has begun? 

As I write this, I am sitting in the Hug Chair next to the big picture window. I am watching the trees blow gently in the breeze and every once in a while I see a leaf flutter to the ground. Hubby is happily relaxing in his Big Recliner. The Pups are sound asleep on his lap. We can all get comfortable...because the furniture was moved today...and that means everyone can least for a couple of months.

Just as I finished writing this...our Engineer came in the house and from the kitchen I hear "Oh no...the furniture has been moved..."


  1. I move ours around a lot I think it comes from our unsettling life and things must change all the time. I usually do it when I have too much time on my hands

    1. Those could have been Reasons number 8 and 9 for me too!


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