Thursday, October 24, 2013

She Knew Me Then...

Today I got to spend the day with my dear friend, Warrior Mom. She is a long time friend. She has known me since junior high...and still loves me. And I love her too. Warrior Mom knows who I was during those difficult teen years. You could say she has seen me at some of my worst days.

Over breakfast sandwiches...we talked about how much we have grown and changed since those awkward teenage days. I admire the godly person she is today. I really liked her back then...but I like her even more now. She is one of the most understanding and supportive people in my life. And I cherish her friendship more than she probably knows.

One of the things we both love about this friendship is that we can go for days....weeks...or even months without actually talking...and yet we can pick right up wherever our conversation last left off without missing a beat. And there is never any hurt feelings about days gone by. We are both busy and we each get that. It is a friendship full of forgiveness.

This morning we laughed...shared...and even teared up a little. We enjoyed some retail therapy and then headed to my house to dig through my hoard...uhmm...overabundant assortment of scrapbooking supplies. {Interesting Tidbit: Warrior Mom is the one who introduced me to scrapbooking when we were young mommas in the mid 90s.}

During our teen years we became great friends and supported each other during our college days...waiting tables together at Aunt & Uncle's restaurant...and right into our married years. Hubby and I moved away...but that didn't end our sweet friendship. Many many miles separated us for the next 20 years...but our friendship stayed strong.

Now we live just a little over an hour from each other and every once in awhile we get the chance to giggle together...face to face. It's a sweet time that reminds me how we are kindred spirits...and it's such a blessing in so many ways.

Do you have a long time friend like this? Someone who knew you when you were young and immature...and yet loves and supports you still today? If so...maybe you can let them know what that means to you.

Warrior are a very special friend. Thank you for your sweet friendship over all these years. 

How special to have a friend that knew me then...and still loves me now.


  1. Warrior Mom had a great time today! You are my blessing! <3


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