Sunday, October 13, 2013

Precious Memories Indeed

I love my Grandmas. I miss them terribly. I don't think there is a day in my life that I don't think of them. I have shared stories with you about both Grandma Gem and Grandma Teacher. They have both had an incredible influence on my life.

On any given day, it can be...that platter she served turkey on at Christmas...a recipe written in her distinct handwriting that she used to make...that old wooden rolling pin with the red handles...a fading photo with those laughing eyes and sweet smile...that sock monkey she made that sits in the corner of our guest room...or the hand-stitched doily she lovingly toiled over on our bedroom dresser...yes...these are items in our home that reminds me how blessed I was to have my Grandmas in my life.

Walking through our home you might not realize my Grandmas' fingerprints are all over the place.  Not only do we have these little reminders of actual material treasures...but every day I am reminded of Grandma Gem and Grandma Teacher in the things I say and do. Like when I'm cleaning the house...making a scrapbook page...decorating for the holidays...tending my rosebushes...or making Monkey Bread, Chicken Pie, Applesauce Cake, or Chocolate Pie.

When I host people in our home or invite someone to church, I think of Grandma Gem. When I taught children in school or adults at scrapbooking classes, I thought of Grandma Teacher. They were great examples to me and I learned both from watching them and listening to them.  I sure do miss them.

Grandma Gem went on to be with our Lord nearly twenty years ago. I still can't believe it's been that long ago. It really doesn't seem like it. She was young. It was unexpected. And our family was not ready to lose her. Materially she didn't leave a lot behind (that flat of little Sure-Jell boxes under her bed gave us a laugh), but what she left all of her family with was priceless.

She left each and every one of us feeling totally and completely loved. We had no doubt.  Each grandchild was convinced they were her favorite. We each had memories of moments when she gave us her time and attention and made us feel special...very very special to her.  Priceless.

Grandma Teacher was in her early nineties when she went on to her Heavenly reward. She had been sick for awhile and it was difficult on all of us. We didn't want her to have to go through that. It was heartbreaking.

Again we were left with treasure that was worth far more than anything you could hold in your hand. She also left her family feeling loved, cherished, and special. We knew without a doubt that she loved each of us...that she couldn't have been more proud of her family. My siblings and I were her only grandchildren and she adored each of us. What a gift for each of us to know that.

This morning as I was getting ready for church,  I was listening to:
I love these two albums. Mr. Jackson sings many of the great old hymns that I remember both Grandmas singing at our little country church when I was a tiny girl. Both Grandmas loved to sing and sang in the church choir. I feel so blessed to have memories of my Grandmas singing at church.

As I sang along this morning...I had to stop, take a breath, wipe a few tears away, and redo my mascara...because as I sang, I thought about my Grandmas, and I am sure I heard their beautiful voices singing along as well.

Precious Memories....indeed.

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