Sunday, October 20, 2013

Oh Sigh...

So I started this post yesterday...but didn't get it finished until this post is my October Quest from yesterday and today.

Our favorite Fall Family Tradition is for each of us to pick a pumpkin to carve or decorate to display on our front porch on Trick or Treat night. When our boys were little we drew funny faces on our pumpkins...but as they grew older, we began an even more fun tradition of freehand carving our pumpkins each year.

Yesterday was a beautiful fall day here in the Midwest.  Hubby, our Engineer, and I went out to lunch...ran some errands...and then stopped to pick out the perfect pumpkins. There was a windy brisk chill in the air. It really added to the the pumpkin picking experience.

It reminded me of sweet fall days of years gone by...when little giggly boys romped through fields of pumpkins looking for just the right one....yes...little bitty guys with little bitty arms that could barely carry their perfect find. Oh sigh.

I am so very proud of the young men my boys have grown up to be. Our Scientist and our Engineer are now working on their college degrees. They are making plans for what they will do in their adult lives. They are thinking about their futures and what they hope to accomplish.

From the time we brought them home as tiny little now....I have enjoyed each season of their lives. As they grew...and aged...and changed...I delighted in each new stage. It has been a joy to be a part of their new experiences...learning...and progression.

I just loved the baby years...holding...rocking...snuggling...and singing to those chubby little cheeks. The toddler years were so fun as they learned to sing songs all by themselves. The preschool years were filled with exploration and a new found independence.

The school years brought us many wonderful days of homeschooling together. What a delight it was to be there as they discovered a true love for learning. The teen years gave them even more independence...driver's license...time away from building...and lots of Mom praying.

I have truly loved each stage of their development. As we left one season behind and started the next, I felt joy and excitement about what we had experienced...and what was to come. I still feel that way. I continue to delight in seeing them grow and learn. But as we stand on the brink of adulthood and they move further along the path to true independence from us...I do find myself occasionally missing the Little Bitty Years.

Of course, I love getting that phone call from our Scientist excitedly telling us about that exam he aced and the thought-provoking discussion he had in class. I laugh with our Engineer as he tells us funny stories from play practice and I cheer him on as he tackles college classes as a sixteen year old high school junior.

I like this season too. I really do. It is fun...exciting...and even more than we hoped for them.

But...every once in a while...for a few brief minutes...Hubby and I will remember cool October days of panning for gold...hay rides...measuring "how tall this fall" next to a giant sunflower...taking pictures of cute little faces smiling through wooden pumpkin cutouts...little train rides where we held our breath through the tunnel...and then looking in the rear view mirror at two little bitty guys with candy and dirt covered asleep in the backseat...still holding their perfect little pumpkins.

Sometimes...with days like yesterday...for a little bitty bit...I miss that.

Oh Sigh.

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  1. All too quickly the years have flown by, but we are happy and proud of our four BIG, almost grown-up grandchildren, and our one little one. We too have sweet memories of all the stages and ages of our "Grands"!! :)


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