Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Living in the Future

Today I love technology. In fact...most days I do.  I love love love the way technology keeps me connected to my family and friends. Of course technology can be annoying at times too...but for me the good does outweigh the bad.

Yes, it saddens me when I see a table full of people at a restaurant all staring at their smart phones instead of each other. I have let it interfere with my Real Life from time to time. That is definitely the bad part.

But on the very good side...I get to use a smart phone to communicate with my college Junior living far far away. Our family is just not the same when our Scientist is away at university, but thankfully we can text him for a quick connection...or call him to hear his voice...or even FaceTime with him and SEE his face as we chat.  

What a blessing it is to look into his eyes...see his reactions...watch him laugh...or see something he wants to show us while he is several states away.  From time to time we even get to see his friends and roommates as they wander in and say hi.  We also use Skype on our computer when we want to sit down and have a nice long chat.

Today our Scientist called just because he wanted to talk with me.  He shared what he had been focusing on in the past few days and I told him all about what we had been doing here at home.  We talked...and laughed...and encouraged each other. It was a joy-filled nice long talk.

As we were about to hang up...our Scientist thanked me for talking to him. How awesome is that? Of course he didn't need to thank me because I LOVE talking with him...hearing about his college life adventures...and sharing his day in whatever way technology allows me to so.  Still...it was oh so sweet to hear him say it.

Later in the day, I connected with three dear friends who live in other states. This time the connection was made through text messages. One friend wanted to share something funny...another was checking in with me to see how I was doing today...and another one answered a question I had. I ended up messaging back and forth for a bit with each of them. It made me smile.  

I also enjoyed connecting with a couple friends through email and several more friends through Facebook.  It's amazing to think how much our lives have changed in the past few years.  Technology continues to amaze us and connect us in ways we might not have thought possible just a few years back. As our Scientist likes to say...we are living in the future.
It's true some days it can be annoying or invasive...but on days like today...when it reconnects me with loved ones near and far...I am so very thankful for it.

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