Friday, October 18, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: The PT Edition

As you know, due to a "sport injury", I am currently going to Physical Therapy twice a week. I tore my ACL while attempting to run months ago.

Because of my injury,...I am no longer a "runner"...but now that I am going to PT...I have become a "weight lifter".  This week I was introduced to the weight machine at PT and did my first sets of leg presses.  Of course...because this was in effort to strengthen my damaged knee...I was allowed to only lift one plate.

As I listened to my one little plate clank each time I did my leg reminded me of comedian Brian Regan and his fabulous The Gym routine.

So...because it's's a clip of that routine....Just For Fun!'s true...I'm the One Plate Gal. Clank.

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