Saturday, September 14, 2013

The Old Testament in 14 Days!

Well...for me...this week sure flew by fast.  I had something booked every day this week...but I did make time to do my September Quest and read a chapter each day from 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.

I actually completed the Old Testament section today.  I am now halfway through this very interesting book.  I haven't posted in several here's what I have been learning about this week:

The Exile Era is documented in books Ezekiel - Daniel.  It takes place in Babylonia. Daniel leads and encourages the exiles. He strives to help them remain faithful through seventy years.  Featured during this time are the Exiles and Prophets as well as Prophecy Warnings and a Persian Power Change.

The next set of books: Ezra - Esther tell us about The Return Era.  In this era, Ezra is the leader of the people as they return to Jerusalem to rebuild the city and their lives.  This is a great time of restoration for both the people and the buildings in Jerusalem.

We then find a period of silence between the Old and New Testaments. Did you know that? This is called the Silence Era. The Pharisees are caught up in religious legalism.  The Sadducees are caught up in their wealth and influence.  It is a difficult four hundred years for the Israelites.

Next, come the Poetical Books.  These five books: Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiates, and Song of Solomon give us Lyric, Instructional, and Dramatic poetry. Job shares the story of Job's great suffering and God's wonderful sovereignty.  Psalms shows us beautiful praise while Proverbs offers us tremendous wisdom. Ecclesiates warns us of the futility of temporary pursuits and Song of Solomon blesses us with a manual for marriage.

Finishing up the Old Testament is the Prophetical Books. They are the final seventeen books (from Isaiah - Malachi) of the Old Testament. In this set of books you will find Major and Minor Prophets...stories of the Pre-Exile, Exile, and Post-Exile periods...Foretelling of the Future...and Forthtelling which is proclaiming the teachings of God.

When I finished my chapter today, I realized I had completed the Old Testament section. What an amazing feeling.  I am truly stunned by how much I have learned in these past 14 days.  I have a much clearer picture of the entire Old Testament.  I know I will now enjoy reading the Bible even more.  I know these stories...these truths from God...will have more impact on me...bring me more joy...and inspire me even more because of the understanding I have gained in this Quest.  Amazing!

I am really looking forward to starting the New Testament section tomorrow!

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