Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Picture This: Learning Can Still Be Fun

Happy Tuesday...that feels like a Monday...but thankfully is really a Tuesday!  Even with yesterday being a holiday, it was super easy to take a few minutes to fulfill my September Quest.  It really only takes a matter of minutes each day to read the chapter...fill in the practice blanks...and come away with a new "ah ha!" understanding of the how the Bible is set up!

It's boggling my mind how simple and yet complex this Quest really is!  The author, Max Anders, does a fantastic job of breaking information down into mini-bite-size pieces to the extent that I close the book feeling amazed at how far more clear my understanding is!  Crazy!

So yesterday's chapter was about the geography of the Old Testament.   I know...I know...it sounded super boring to me too.  But after reading through this chapter, I can picture the entire area - where all those stories took place - in a way I never had before. 

You know...I taught Bible to our boys and my students.  I studied the maps in my Bible and the maps that came with Bible curriculum, but I never had it laid out for me in the way this book does. It's just...well...so cool that I can finally picture this historical area as I read the stories.  It makes me want to read them all again.  

One of our former Pastors was a master of Word Pictures.  He would describe a scene in such a way that you could clearly see it in your mind.  Sometimes it would take my breath away.  Other times his Word Picture would stay with me for days...weeks...and one special one has stayed with me for years. 

There is power in a picture.  Even though I thought it was going to be a bit boring...it wasn't... and I am thrilled that I now have a much better picture of where all those amazing events of the the Old Testament took place.  

Today's chapter was on the main eras of the Old Testament.  Turns out there are nine of them, if you weren't sure on the exact number.  One of the things I love is the fill-in-blanks throughout each chapter in this book. 

Some people might not like this concept, but I love it.  In just a matter of minutes...you are going over the same material five or six different ways by reading it and then filling in blanks.  By the end of the chapter - you've got it.  

So while it might take my nearly 44 year old brain a few minutes to remember it all...I'm pretty sure I can tell you the nine eras...each of their central figures...their main location...and even their story line. It might take me a bit to sort it all out...but I've got it - along with a new understanding as well.

I started this Quest out of a desire to truly understand the Bible better...and I am.  I didn't however, expect it to be so...enjoyable...but it is.

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