Friday, September 6, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Perspective Edition

After a fun Celebration Day, I am back to tell you about my September Quests from these past two days.  I am really enjoying Max Anders' book: 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.

Yesterday's chapter was about the Patriarch Era in the Old Testament.  It takes place in Canaan and Abraham is the central figure of this section.  God chooses Abraham to be the "father" of the Hebrew people. His son Isaac joins him in leading the people as he carries on his father's promise.

Isaac's second son, Jacob, cheats his way into his own blessing of promise. So God makes good out of bad, and Jacob becomes another leader of the people. He has twelve sons which become the twelve tribes of Israel.  Jacob's youngest son, Joseph, rises to power in Egypt.  He is a righteous man who takes care of his people and his brothers.

God chooses Abraham...Isaac...Jacob...and Joseph to be the four major leaders during the Patriarch Era.

Today's lesson focused on the Exodus Era in the Old Testament. It all took place in Egypt with an unexpected leader named Moses. While Moses might appear to be the most unlikely leader (even to Moses himself!)...he is the exact leader God chose for such a time as this.  God empowers Moses, and because of God's help, Moses is able to lead his people right out of slavery.

God also gives the Hebrew people a set of laws to live by...but they aren't that interested in God's laws...and instead of reaping the rewards of obedience to God...they spend the next FORTY YEARS wandering around the desert waiting on God to fulfill his promises to them.  Clearly there were consequences to rebelling against God.

In both eras there is God with His hands full of blessings He would love to pour down upon these special people...but they ruin the fun God has planned for them by disobeying Him.  Rereading these stories really got me thinking.  I wonder....just wonder...what joys have I missed because of my disobedience?

It saddens me to think that while I was busy doing what I wanted to do...God was patiently waiting to shower me with blessings.  I have to makes me want to try a little a little a little kinder...and handle situations a little wiser.

I mean...after all...I'm only 44 and I don't want to miss out on a great blessing from God for the next FORTY YEARS.  Wow.  That's some new perspective I have gained today.

Speaking of perspective...I haven't forgotten it's Just For Fun:

Here's a fun and fantastic way every baby should be welcomed into this world!  This video will make you smile...probably giggle...and maybe even cry!  I just couldn't resist sharing it with you...especially after my post yesterday about how my family and friends make me feel special on my birthday!
So sweet...and so FUN!

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