Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Want To Be A Real Helpmate

Yesterday, I started telling you about my recent September Quest with this statement:
"So yesterday's chapter was about the geography of the Old Testament."

As Hubby was reading it, he told me his thought was: "Oh, how interesting."

So when he read my next sentence...he laughed out loud because that sentence said: "I know...I sounded super boring to me too."

As usual...we came at it from different thought processes...which just makes me smile.

I love that Hubby and I don't always see things from the same prospective. It makes us more thoughtful because we discuss our different ways of seeing something. We share our it over...and hopefully, we are true helpmates to each other.  

Today's chapter focused on the Creation Era.  This part of the Old Testament introduces the Garden of Eden...he sins...and destroys God's original plan for man. 

Although today's lesson didn't point it out...we all know that Adam had some help with ruining God's plan. There was a snake called Satan slithering around causing trouble....and Adam's own gift from God - his helpmate, Eve, who talked him into thinking they had figured God out.

I feel for Eve because she was the only girl at the time.  She didn't have a mom...sister...or friends.  She was it. And she had to figure out the girly thing all on her own.  Unfortunately, it was a tough learning curve for her, and she brought down Adam and God's original plan with her bad idea.

This one little story...the very first one in the Bible...has so many lessons we can learn and apply to our lives today. one knows better than God...don't let others lead you astray...make sure you are really helping someone when you offer your ideas...and certainly trust God because His plan is going to be the best for your life.

It is my goal every day to be a real helpmate to Hubby and to listen to God and follow His plan for my life. Our choices matter and the consequences can be dramatic.  I'm sure Eve was just thinking about how much she wanted to do what she wanted to do and didn't think about the possibility of leading Adam right down the path to the Fall of Man.

Thinking about that certainly makes me want to listen to God.

Dear Lord, please guide me in my words...thoughts...and actions.  I want to be a real helpmate to my friends...every single day.

Oh! And on a fun note...Hubby has decided to do this Quest with me! It's just another way he is a helpmate to me.

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