Monday, September 9, 2013

God's Sweet Grace

Happy Monday.  I hope it has been a good day for you.  We had a very nice, busy weekend which included time with Hubby and our Engineer...eating the a fun visit from Aunt Love and Uncle Jayhawk.  Busy days do not keep me from working on my September Quest...but sometimes they do keep me from posting about it!

I also have a very busy week ahead with many appointments and plans on my calendar.  Looking ahead through the rest of September...I guess this is my new normal! Anyway...I'll catch you up on my last few chapters of Max Anders' 30 Days to Understanding the Bible.

Saturday, I got to the Conquest Era. That is Joshua's era and takes place in Canaan. During this time, Joshua proves his leadership by the Conquest of the Promised Land.  He leads the Israelites through the God-parted Jordan the taking of a seven year defeat of Canaan...and in finalizing the twelve tribes' dominion of the land.  Joshua was clearly a tremendous leader.

Sunday, I studied the Judges Era.  There were four main judges from this era: Deborah, Gideon, Samson, and Samuel...but it was super strong Samson that was the most famous.  This era also took place in Canaan.  These judges were chosen to govern the people for 400 years.  It was a very rebellious time.

The people of Israel broke God's laws...God would discipline them for their sins...they would repent...God would use judges to deliver them...and then they would sin again.  They went through this cycle seven times. During this time, one special woman stood out.  She was a model woman among sinners and her name was Ruth.

Today's lesson was about the Kingdom Era. It took place in Israel and David was the greatest king in the new monarchy.  He was, however, followed by a terrible succession of mostly unrighteous kings. Then God brought down judgement on Israel and the people were sent into exile for their sins.

Reading about these three eras...three days in a row...really reminded me how forgiving God is. These were God's special, chosen people and He wanted to give them everything great and wonderful. And yet...they continued to try things their own way.

They broke God's laws...sinned...and had to pay the consequences. And this happened over and over again. And yet...God is a loving, forgiving God.  He kept giving them another chance...for 400 hundred years.  Finally God had to send them to a time out.

But I can't judge these people. How many times have I tried to do things my own way...ignoring God and all the good and wonderful plans He has for me?  Reading these stories of the Old Testament again just really reminds me of God's forgiving grace.

He is so good to me.  He is so good to you.  He is a God of extra chances. He is a God of forgiveness. He is a God of sweet sweet Grace.

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