Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yes, My New Normal

You might have noticed I haven't posted all week.  Monday I was feeling a bit weird with finding my new "normal".  The crazy thing is...the week went by in a flash and I am good. As I sit here writing this...I feel pretty much...normal.  So let me tell you about this week's August Quests of thankfulness.

Tuesday dawned with a bit of excitement.  I had a whole day to accomplish the things that I needed to accomplish...and maybe even a few things I wanted to accomplish.  First on my list was making breakfast for our Engineer.

His Tuesday/Thursday schedule starts later in the morning than his Monday/Wednesday days, but it also means he has back to back classes during lunch time.  So I decided he needed a good breakfast to get him through his classes, because he just has a few minutes between classes to grab a snack.

I made our Engineer one of his favorites: scrambled eggs and toast.  It made him very happy and he drove off to school with a smile on his face and snacks in his backpack.  And I checked "make breakfast" off my To Do List....and the day progressed...I checked off several other items as well.

Later that day, our Engineer arrived home to the smell of meatballs and homemade spaghetti sauce cooking in the slow cooker.  He face lit up as he asked if he was smelling what he thought he was smelling.

Yes...he was...two of his favorites in one day.  Because I love him. Because I am proud of him. Because I wanted to celebrate him.

Then Hubby came in the door and his face lit up.  He and our Engineer share their love of homemade meatballs and spaghetti.  And I was thankful.  Thankful that I was able to make their favorite food for them.  Thankful that it brought such delight to them...and me.

Wednesday I treated myself to a little afternoon out.  I ate lunch at one of my favorite places...then did a little shopping at two of my favorite stores.  It was fun to just take off and enjoy the day with no time constraints or schedule.

I didn't end up buying much, but I enjoyed browsing the aisles. As I climbed into the van, I felt thankful for a little time to just relax and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

Thursday I tackled my To Do List again.  I went to bed feeling so thankful for all I was able to accomplish that day.  I finally got to several items I had been wanting to take care of for a while and I was so pleased I could go to bed feeling productive for the day.

Friday meant I had made it through the first week of my new "normal".  I woke up with a smile on face! Our Engineer actually attends classes Monday - Thursday, so Friday is his "homework day" with me.  It is least for this semester...that we have this day together and I can be there to help him if he needs me.

Of course the first week didn't require as much extra study time as the coming weeks will, but it was still nice to have him home for the day.  Our Scientist also called and shared what is going on in his part of the world.  It was great to hear his excitement and funny stories.

Friday I was so thankful we all made it through the first week of our new "normal"!

Yesterday Hubby and I celebrated by spending a good deal of the day relaxing in front of the TV streaming an old TV show.  We enjoyed our lazy day.  We talked about actually doing something...being productive...accomplishing something...going somewhere....but we didn't.

And you know what?  I was so thankful.  It was so nice to relax and enjoy some time together.  It's been a busy summer...especially August.  We've taken a long trip...moved our Scientist back to college...toured another college with our Engineer...spent time with family...reconnected with friends...and set our Engineer off on his new school path.

It's been a wonderful month, but quite busy.  I think we needed to do nothing yesterday...and I am so thankful that is exactly what we did.

Today Hubby and I left our Engineer tucked into bed as we headed off to church.  Our Engineer has been in school exactly one week and already has a cold!  We left him resting as we worshiped and then enjoyed a quiet little Sunday lunch - just the two of us.

I shared with Hubby some of my plans for this blog and the coming year.  I have been thinking about this 2013 Year Long Adventure of my Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest.  In just a few months it will be coming to an end...and I am already thinking about and planning for our New Journey for 2014.

I'm not ready to unveil it yet...but when I am...y'all will be able to read all about it right here on My Rosie Outlook.  I am excited about the ideas I am working on for 2014 and I am incredibly thankful for how good this 2013 Year Long Adventure has been for my heart...and spirit.

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