Monday, August 19, 2013

My New Normal?

My goodness...I have four days of August Quest Thanksgiving to share.  Let's catch up!

Friday was filled with a long drive home for Hubby, our Engineer, and me.  We had a safe trip all the way there and back, and I spent the day in thanksgiving for a wonderful trip with an uneventful return home.  It's good to be home, but we sure do miss our Scientist. It turns is quite a bit quieter around here when he's away at school.

Saturday we drove down to meet up with family and celebrate the life of Brother-In-Law's dad.  It was a beautiful service...we shared sweet memories...and took comfort in being together.  That evening Hubby and I joined most of the family at Mom and Dad's farm.

We ate Mom's yummy food...talked...laughed...remembered...but mostly we shared in the joy of being together.  Little Nephew was the star of the evening and it was great fun to watch what he was going to do next.  Life is so joyful with a toddler around.  It helped to just be together and I was thankful for the time we spent at the family farm that evening.

Sunday was Travel Recovery Day.  I can't even tell you much of what we did that day...we were kind of wiped out.  Hubby and I did spend a bit of time on FaceTime with our Scientist...and then some real face to face time with our Engineer as we chatted with them before their first day of colleges classes.

They were both excited and ready to tackle a new school year.  And so...I went to bed last night in prayer for both of God thanks for their minds...hearts...character...and abilities.  I drifted off to sleep feeling blessed and thankful.

Today was just weird for me.  It really was.  I have pretty much had a boy in my charge every day since our Scientist was born over 20 years ago.  First, I was a stay-at-home mom...then a homeschooling mom...then a teacher at their school...and then a homeschooling mom again.

Today our Engineer grabbed his backpack and drove off down the road to our local community college where he is taking his Junior year classes and just like teaching days ended.  I know I am still a mom...but now...for the first time in a very long time is my own.

It's not like it was a total surprise this morning....I have been preparing for it for a couple of months....I made a long To-Do List...but it was still kind of weird today.  The house was quiet.  I could do whatever I wanted to do...and you know what?  I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do.  So I got groceries...because we had just gotten back from a trip and we needed groceries...and I got in the van and drove to the store...when I felt like going.  So weird.

I was okay.  I didn't cry...or pout...or get all sad and blue.  It was just so unusual.  It wasn't normal.  As a friend put it today - now I must find my new normal.  Hmmmmmm

So what am I thankful for today?  I'm thankful for God's constant presence in my life.  It is the ONE thing that never changes in my ever changing days.

Even though I have had a boy in my my home for the past 20+ years...those days were never the same.  Things were always in motion...always it seems funny to think that I need a new normal....because in reality...what was the old "normal"?  I don't even have that setting on my dryer....

Today I didn't freak out...our cry...or even mourn.  I felt a little out of place in my world....I felt weird...and quiet...and strangely peaceful...and a tiny bit excited for what God is going to do next in my ever changing world.  He's always reinventing me....and today I am thankful that He is the One in charge of figuring out the next steps for me.  And that is as close to "normal" as I get....


  1. Now I know what to expect!!! One day that will be me!!! Tea queen

  2. I'm glad the past couple of days have been pretty good! love you!



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