Friday, August 30, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Thanksgiving in August Edition

I have had another wonderful week of August Quest Thanksgiving!  I have loved doing this Quest and it has truly kept me in a happy...joyful...grateful state all month.  I highly recommend trying it for thirty days because it really is amazing how I can push aside all those things that bring me down when I focus on being thankful.

As a matter of fact...Hubby told me yesterday that I have been sparkling.  Isn't that a sweet thing for a hubby to say to his wifey?  He said he could see a change in me...and I think a month of focusing on thankfulness is the reason.

I'm not going to share my thankfulness from the last few days...because while each of them was special...they were also kind of personal. me...I had a wonderfully thankful past few days!

And now...because it is FRIDAY...I say it's time for the return of JUST FOR FUN FRIDAY!

My dear friend Gourmet Hostess sent this to me today...and it is a perfect way to end Thanksgiving in August!

I LOVE it!  How fun is that?

And truly...I am so very very thankful for my sweet friend, Gourmet Hostess.  She has been such a gift to me and I love her dearly.  She knows (better than anyone else I know) how to truly live life with JOY.

Oh sure...she has tough stuff happen just like anyone else...but she chooses to live life with a matter what!  And I am really being totally honest when I say that she brightens my day every single time I chat with her.  Every. Single. Time.  I hope someday when I grow up...I can live life as joyfully as my Gourmet Hostess.

So I will end this month's Quest with this thanksgiving:  I am so very very thankful for her sweet friendship.  She is an incredibly special person.

Tomorrow I will announce my September Quest! It's something new that I have never done before...but is set up perfectly to go with my Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest....and I am very excited about it!

Happy August!

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