Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home...Time to Help...A Sunset Lakeside Chat

Sunday we were stopped at a gas station.  While I was waiting on Hubby to fill the tank, I looked across the street and my heart sank at the sight of the homes falling down in disrepair.  We were in a town we had never visited before and I have no idea who lives in those three little homes sitting in a row....but my heart went out to the occupants.

Faded paint...holes...patches...do-it-yourself fixes....clearly these homeowners were doing what they could to keep their homes standing around them.  I don't know their income...abilities...or circumstances, but I could see their yards were mowed and tidy.  It just gave me the feeling they were doing the best they could with what they had.

Sunday it was quite easy to whisper my August Quest:  thanksgiving for the home in which we live. And honestly...that moment humbled me.  You see...I do live in a nice home....one of the nicest I have ever lived in...but it's not our home and I've struggled with that.  We are renters and while we live in and take care of this house...it has never felt like it was truly our home.

Sunday I realized that that just really doesn't matter.  We have owned two of our own homes.  They were both very nice homes and I love both of them the entire time we got to live in them.  Other times we have lived in housing provided by Hubby's work.  Even though those homes weren't ours either...they felt more like ours because they belonged to his work and not to another family.

This was the first move in our married life where we actually rented a home...that belongs to another family...and it's been a really weird experience for me.  Sometimes I feel like we are "camping out" in someone else's home.  I'm not sure the owners will ever live in it again...but they once did...and they do own it.

Because of these thoughts and feelings...I've struggled a little bit with truly enjoying the gift of this home.  Sunday...I was reminded that I have been given much more in this life that I have ever ever deserved...and I am truly...humbly....honestly...thankful for our home.

Monday, we spent the day taking care of some tasks our Scientist needed to deal with before fall semester begins next week.  He was able to handle most of what he needed on his own, but Hubby and I were available to lend a helping hand.  I am grateful we had the time and ability to help him a little before the craziness of the school year kicks off.  Yesterday, I was so thankful for that.

Today, Hubby and I got a chance to carry a couple beach chairs down to a quiet little beach and watch the sun set over a very beautiful lake.  We had planned to do this all day and then just as we thought we might head to the lake, a little rain shower rolled in over the lake.  I was so disappointed.

But then...almost as quickly as it came...it went.  Pretty much anytime we have driven by the lake, there are people sitting by the water's edge or even playing and swimming in the cool waters...but today, the rain sent everyone inside.

When Hubby and I settled into our chairs and relaxed in the beauty of the setting sun, we also enjoyed the entire lake shore all by ourselves.  It was our very own quiet little oasis and we cherished it until the sun nearly went to bed.

We sat quietly for a bit just taking it all in...and then we enjoyed a long uninterrupted talk. What an unexpected sweet blessing. It was something special that we don't get to enjoy often.

There's no doubt about my thanksgiving for today...I am so very very thankful for a little lakeside sunset chat with Hubby.

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