Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Quest

Can you believe it's August?  Me neither...

While I worked on my July Quests every day, as you know I certainly didn't blog about it every day.  As a matter of fact, I only wrote a few posts in July. And you know what?  I'm okay with that.  Our summer is flying by way too quickly.  I've heard that said from several different people in the last few days. 

For Exercise, these past couple of weeks I have continued walking and cleaning.  Some evenings Hubby and I enjoyed a nice chat while walking around our neighborhood.  Other days, I walked on the treadmill and lifted my little hand weights downstairs.  

It has felt good to get our house back in order over the summer.  I have done some rearranging, organizing, and deep cleaning this month.  I worked up a good sweat and it felt good to get those projects marked off my Summer To Do List. 

By the end of this weekend, I should have my second 2004 album complete.  What fun to go through all those pictures when our guys were little.  It's brought back wonderful memories for this momma.  

The Quest has inspired me to keep working on my albums and get all of our family photos into scrapbooks.  As soon as this current album is done, I plan to get my 2005 pictures out and start those scrapbooks.  I'm so glad I did this Quest for July.

August Quest
So...Today is August 1 and it is time to announce my Quest for August.  The first half of this month will be a busy one for our family and then the last two weeks will be a whole new experience for me.  I'm not going to tell you all about it today, but tune in throughout August and I'll share our adventures with you.

This is a big transition month for us and I wasn't sure what I wanted to commit to during a busy month with new experiences.  Tonight we had Thanksgiving Dinner.  I didn't fix a big Thanksgiving dinner in November because we enjoyed that day at my parents' house.  I had oven troubles during Christmas, so I didn't fix a turkey during Christmas either.  

With our entire family together during this summer break...I am feeling quite I decided to fix a Thanksgiving dinner...complete with a huge turkey and my yummy holiday dressing.  As I thought about what my August Quest was going to be, the smell of turkey baking in the oven was wafting through the house, and it suddenly dawned on me what my Quest should be this month.

Yes, my August Quest is to celebrate Thanksgiving in August.  I will focus on something I am thankful for every day in August.  And I'll kick it off today by sharing that I am thankful for you.  

Even though I haven't posted much the past two months, I am thankful for this blogging opportunity to share a little part of my life with you.  And I'm really thankful that y'all actually read it!  Some of you even join in on a Quest sometimes!  Some of you even write a little comment after a post sometimes!  Whatever part of this blogging experience we have shared, I appreciate that you are willing to experience it with me.

Thanksgiving in August....yes...I like the sound of that...who just might be as fun as Christmas in July.

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