Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Couple of Emotional Days

Yesterday morning Mom called to let me know we had lost someone dear to our family.  I thought about family memories with him all day.  Sometimes I would smile...other times I would quietly wipe away a few tears.

He was a great father to Brother-In-Law and his siblings.  He was so good to Sister and I know she loved him dearly.  He was a fun laughter-filled grandpa and loving and caring husband. He was a good friend to my parents and one of my favorite teachers.  Oh how I enjoyed his 4th grade class!  

We have many wonderful family memories of camping trips, church activities, and family gatherings. We were blessed to know him. So...yesterday was filled with much August Quest thanksgiving for the memories our family has of this gracious, humble, loving, happy man.

Yesterday we also moved our Scientist into his on campus apartment. He is sharing his new place with college friends Computer Whiz and Music Man, along with his new friend Hockey Star.  It was an exciting day for the boys and their parents.  It was fun for us all to reconnect and help settle them in.  

Our Scientist asked me if I would make their first meal, so I whipped up a little spaghetti, bruschetta,  and some chocolate pie.  They gathered around their little table...talking...laughing...and feasting while Hubby and I sat on the sofa and watched with joy.  

We were both thankful.  Thankful for our Scientist's friends....thankful we were given the opportunity to share in the moment...and thankful that they didn't mind having us there.  

It has been an exhausting couple of days.  It truly is a bit much for an already admittedly emotion-filled girl to deal much happiness...sadness...pride...worry...but mostly...tonight...I feel thankful.  

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