Friday, August 30, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Thanksgiving in August Edition

I have had another wonderful week of August Quest Thanksgiving!  I have loved doing this Quest and it has truly kept me in a happy...joyful...grateful state all month.  I highly recommend trying it for thirty days because it really is amazing how I can push aside all those things that bring me down when I focus on being thankful.

As a matter of fact...Hubby told me yesterday that I have been sparkling.  Isn't that a sweet thing for a hubby to say to his wifey?  He said he could see a change in me...and I think a month of focusing on thankfulness is the reason.

I'm not going to share my thankfulness from the last few days...because while each of them was special...they were also kind of personal. me...I had a wonderfully thankful past few days!

And now...because it is FRIDAY...I say it's time for the return of JUST FOR FUN FRIDAY!

My dear friend Gourmet Hostess sent this to me today...and it is a perfect way to end Thanksgiving in August!

I LOVE it!  How fun is that?

And truly...I am so very very thankful for my sweet friend, Gourmet Hostess.  She has been such a gift to me and I love her dearly.  She knows (better than anyone else I know) how to truly live life with JOY.

Oh sure...she has tough stuff happen just like anyone else...but she chooses to live life with a matter what!  And I am really being totally honest when I say that she brightens my day every single time I chat with her.  Every. Single. Time.  I hope someday when I grow up...I can live life as joyfully as my Gourmet Hostess.

So I will end this month's Quest with this thanksgiving:  I am so very very thankful for her sweet friendship.  She is an incredibly special person.

Tomorrow I will announce my September Quest! It's something new that I have never done before...but is set up perfectly to go with my Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest....and I am very excited about it!

Happy August!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Yes, My New Normal

You might have noticed I haven't posted all week.  Monday I was feeling a bit weird with finding my new "normal".  The crazy thing is...the week went by in a flash and I am good. As I sit here writing this...I feel pretty much...normal.  So let me tell you about this week's August Quests of thankfulness.

Tuesday dawned with a bit of excitement.  I had a whole day to accomplish the things that I needed to accomplish...and maybe even a few things I wanted to accomplish.  First on my list was making breakfast for our Engineer.

His Tuesday/Thursday schedule starts later in the morning than his Monday/Wednesday days, but it also means he has back to back classes during lunch time.  So I decided he needed a good breakfast to get him through his classes, because he just has a few minutes between classes to grab a snack.

I made our Engineer one of his favorites: scrambled eggs and toast.  It made him very happy and he drove off to school with a smile on his face and snacks in his backpack.  And I checked "make breakfast" off my To Do List....and the day progressed...I checked off several other items as well.

Later that day, our Engineer arrived home to the smell of meatballs and homemade spaghetti sauce cooking in the slow cooker.  He face lit up as he asked if he was smelling what he thought he was smelling.

Yes...he was...two of his favorites in one day.  Because I love him. Because I am proud of him. Because I wanted to celebrate him.

Then Hubby came in the door and his face lit up.  He and our Engineer share their love of homemade meatballs and spaghetti.  And I was thankful.  Thankful that I was able to make their favorite food for them.  Thankful that it brought such delight to them...and me.

Wednesday I treated myself to a little afternoon out.  I ate lunch at one of my favorite places...then did a little shopping at two of my favorite stores.  It was fun to just take off and enjoy the day with no time constraints or schedule.

I didn't end up buying much, but I enjoyed browsing the aisles. As I climbed into the van, I felt thankful for a little time to just relax and enjoy a beautiful afternoon.

Thursday I tackled my To Do List again.  I went to bed feeling so thankful for all I was able to accomplish that day.  I finally got to several items I had been wanting to take care of for a while and I was so pleased I could go to bed feeling productive for the day.

Friday meant I had made it through the first week of my new "normal".  I woke up with a smile on face! Our Engineer actually attends classes Monday - Thursday, so Friday is his "homework day" with me.  It is least for this semester...that we have this day together and I can be there to help him if he needs me.

Of course the first week didn't require as much extra study time as the coming weeks will, but it was still nice to have him home for the day.  Our Scientist also called and shared what is going on in his part of the world.  It was great to hear his excitement and funny stories.

Friday I was so thankful we all made it through the first week of our new "normal"!

Yesterday Hubby and I celebrated by spending a good deal of the day relaxing in front of the TV streaming an old TV show.  We enjoyed our lazy day.  We talked about actually doing something...being productive...accomplishing something...going somewhere....but we didn't.

And you know what?  I was so thankful.  It was so nice to relax and enjoy some time together.  It's been a busy summer...especially August.  We've taken a long trip...moved our Scientist back to college...toured another college with our Engineer...spent time with family...reconnected with friends...and set our Engineer off on his new school path.

It's been a wonderful month, but quite busy.  I think we needed to do nothing yesterday...and I am so thankful that is exactly what we did.

Today Hubby and I left our Engineer tucked into bed as we headed off to church.  Our Engineer has been in school exactly one week and already has a cold!  We left him resting as we worshiped and then enjoyed a quiet little Sunday lunch - just the two of us.

I shared with Hubby some of my plans for this blog and the coming year.  I have been thinking about this 2013 Year Long Adventure of my Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest.  In just a few months it will be coming to an end...and I am already thinking about and planning for our New Journey for 2014.

I'm not ready to unveil it yet...but when I am...y'all will be able to read all about it right here on My Rosie Outlook.  I am excited about the ideas I am working on for 2014 and I am incredibly thankful for how good this 2013 Year Long Adventure has been for my heart...and spirit.

Monday, August 19, 2013

My New Normal?

My goodness...I have four days of August Quest Thanksgiving to share.  Let's catch up!

Friday was filled with a long drive home for Hubby, our Engineer, and me.  We had a safe trip all the way there and back, and I spent the day in thanksgiving for a wonderful trip with an uneventful return home.  It's good to be home, but we sure do miss our Scientist. It turns is quite a bit quieter around here when he's away at school.

Saturday we drove down to meet up with family and celebrate the life of Brother-In-Law's dad.  It was a beautiful service...we shared sweet memories...and took comfort in being together.  That evening Hubby and I joined most of the family at Mom and Dad's farm.

We ate Mom's yummy food...talked...laughed...remembered...but mostly we shared in the joy of being together.  Little Nephew was the star of the evening and it was great fun to watch what he was going to do next.  Life is so joyful with a toddler around.  It helped to just be together and I was thankful for the time we spent at the family farm that evening.

Sunday was Travel Recovery Day.  I can't even tell you much of what we did that day...we were kind of wiped out.  Hubby and I did spend a bit of time on FaceTime with our Scientist...and then some real face to face time with our Engineer as we chatted with them before their first day of colleges classes.

They were both excited and ready to tackle a new school year.  And so...I went to bed last night in prayer for both of God thanks for their minds...hearts...character...and abilities.  I drifted off to sleep feeling blessed and thankful.

Today was just weird for me.  It really was.  I have pretty much had a boy in my charge every day since our Scientist was born over 20 years ago.  First, I was a stay-at-home mom...then a homeschooling mom...then a teacher at their school...and then a homeschooling mom again.

Today our Engineer grabbed his backpack and drove off down the road to our local community college where he is taking his Junior year classes and just like teaching days ended.  I know I am still a mom...but now...for the first time in a very long time is my own.

It's not like it was a total surprise this morning....I have been preparing for it for a couple of months....I made a long To-Do List...but it was still kind of weird today.  The house was quiet.  I could do whatever I wanted to do...and you know what?  I wasn't really sure what I wanted to do.  So I got groceries...because we had just gotten back from a trip and we needed groceries...and I got in the van and drove to the store...when I felt like going.  So weird.

I was okay.  I didn't cry...or pout...or get all sad and blue.  It was just so unusual.  It wasn't normal.  As a friend put it today - now I must find my new normal.  Hmmmmmm

So what am I thankful for today?  I'm thankful for God's constant presence in my life.  It is the ONE thing that never changes in my ever changing days.

Even though I have had a boy in my my home for the past 20+ years...those days were never the same.  Things were always in motion...always it seems funny to think that I need a new normal....because in reality...what was the old "normal"?  I don't even have that setting on my dryer....

Today I didn't freak out...our cry...or even mourn.  I felt a little out of place in my world....I felt weird...and quiet...and strangely peaceful...and a tiny bit excited for what God is going to do next in my ever changing world.  He's always reinventing me....and today I am thankful that He is the One in charge of figuring out the next steps for me.  And that is as close to "normal" as I get....

Thursday, August 15, 2013

A Couple of Emotional Days

Yesterday morning Mom called to let me know we had lost someone dear to our family.  I thought about family memories with him all day.  Sometimes I would smile...other times I would quietly wipe away a few tears.

He was a great father to Brother-In-Law and his siblings.  He was so good to Sister and I know she loved him dearly.  He was a fun laughter-filled grandpa and loving and caring husband. He was a good friend to my parents and one of my favorite teachers.  Oh how I enjoyed his 4th grade class!  

We have many wonderful family memories of camping trips, church activities, and family gatherings. We were blessed to know him. So...yesterday was filled with much August Quest thanksgiving for the memories our family has of this gracious, humble, loving, happy man.

Yesterday we also moved our Scientist into his on campus apartment. He is sharing his new place with college friends Computer Whiz and Music Man, along with his new friend Hockey Star.  It was an exciting day for the boys and their parents.  It was fun for us all to reconnect and help settle them in.  

Our Scientist asked me if I would make their first meal, so I whipped up a little spaghetti, bruschetta,  and some chocolate pie.  They gathered around their little table...talking...laughing...and feasting while Hubby and I sat on the sofa and watched with joy.  

We were both thankful.  Thankful for our Scientist's friends....thankful we were given the opportunity to share in the moment...and thankful that they didn't mind having us there.  

It has been an exhausting couple of days.  It truly is a bit much for an already admittedly emotion-filled girl to deal much happiness...sadness...pride...worry...but mostly...tonight...I feel thankful.  

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Home...Time to Help...A Sunset Lakeside Chat

Sunday we were stopped at a gas station.  While I was waiting on Hubby to fill the tank, I looked across the street and my heart sank at the sight of the homes falling down in disrepair.  We were in a town we had never visited before and I have no idea who lives in those three little homes sitting in a row....but my heart went out to the occupants.

Faded fixes....clearly these homeowners were doing what they could to keep their homes standing around them.  I don't know their income...abilities...or circumstances, but I could see their yards were mowed and tidy.  It just gave me the feeling they were doing the best they could with what they had.

Sunday it was quite easy to whisper my August Quest:  thanksgiving for the home in which we live. And honestly...that moment humbled me.  You see...I do live in a nice of the nicest I have ever lived in...but it's not our home and I've struggled with that.  We are renters and while we live in and take care of this has never felt like it was truly our home.

Sunday I realized that that just really doesn't matter.  We have owned two of our own homes.  They were both very nice homes and I love both of them the entire time we got to live in them.  Other times we have lived in housing provided by Hubby's work.  Even though those homes weren't ours either...they felt more like ours because they belonged to his work and not to another family.

This was the first move in our married life where we actually rented a home...that belongs to another family...and it's been a really weird experience for me.  Sometimes I feel like we are "camping out" in someone else's home.  I'm not sure the owners will ever live in it again...but they once did...and they do own it.

Because of these thoughts and feelings...I've struggled a little bit with truly enjoying the gift of this home.  Sunday...I was reminded that I have been given much more in this life that I have ever ever deserved...and I am truly...humbly....honestly...thankful for our home.

Monday, we spent the day taking care of some tasks our Scientist needed to deal with before fall semester begins next week.  He was able to handle most of what he needed on his own, but Hubby and I were available to lend a helping hand.  I am grateful we had the time and ability to help him a little before the craziness of the school year kicks off.  Yesterday, I was so thankful for that.

Today, Hubby and I got a chance to carry a couple beach chairs down to a quiet little beach and watch the sun set over a very beautiful lake.  We had planned to do this all day and then just as we thought we might head to the lake, a little rain shower rolled in over the lake.  I was so disappointed.

But then...almost as quickly as it went.  Pretty much anytime we have driven by the lake, there are people sitting by the water's edge or even playing and swimming in the cool waters...but today, the rain sent everyone inside.

When Hubby and I settled into our chairs and relaxed in the beauty of the setting sun, we also enjoyed the entire lake shore all by ourselves.  It was our very own quiet little oasis and we cherished it until the sun nearly went to bed.

We sat quietly for a bit just taking it all in...and then we enjoyed a long uninterrupted talk. What an unexpected sweet blessing. It was something special that we don't get to enjoy often.

There's no doubt about my thanksgiving for today...I am so very very thankful for a little lakeside sunset chat with Hubby.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Vacation Time and Friends Time

For the last few days our little family of four has been able to enjoy some quality vacation time. Yesterday I met my August Quest as I thought about how thankful I am for this special time together. 

We have delighted in a break from routines and work by taking a little journey...going swimming...trying new dishes at new restaurants...visiting places we have never been before...and catching up with friends.  Yes, it has been cherished time together and I am very thankful for it.

As I mentioned above, we have visited with some long time friends in the past few days.  We are so blessed to have friends all over this great nation.  This week we have been able to reconnect with two sets of friends we haven't seen in a very long time.  I am so thankful we had the opportunity to do so! 

Not only did we catch up on what is going on in each other's lives now, but we shared wonderful memories of days gone by way too quickly.  It doesn't seem like it's been that long...but today's date says otherwise.  One of the great blessings of these friendships is that even though years have come and gone since our time living as neighbors, we picked right up like it was just days ago.  How wonderful is that?  

In the coming week we will reconnect with several other special friends of ours that we haven't seen in a while.  I am so thankful for the blessing of friendships that last.  I was reminded today that God abundantly blesses us with so many incredible relationships in our lives and all we have to do is reach out and keep them going.  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Safe Travels and Needs Provided

Yesterday our family set off on a little adventure.  We had a plan...but as I'm sure you know...plans don't always work out the way you...well...plan.  Anyway before we knew it, we found ourselves dealing with a flooded roadway...a long detour...unfamiliar territory...and rain.

Several times throughout the journey, I offered up a little prayer to God for protection. Once we arrived safely at our destination,  I thanked God for safe travels...especially during unexpected changes to the "plan".  

Yesterday, my August Quest was thankfulness for safe travels.  Our family has done a lot of traveling....during our several moves around the trips...and visits to family and friends.  Yesterday, I was reminded of God's wonderful grace of safe travels He has provided for us journey after journey.

Along that same thought I am thankful for God's provisions.  No matter where we are or what we are going is clear to us that God always provides.  Always.  Does that mean our little family is never without want?  Hardly.  We are human beings after all...of course we can always find "wants".

Over the years, however, God has clearly provided for our needs.  I am so thankful for that.  I know throughout this world...even in this country...certainly in our state...I am guessing in our own town...maybe even on our very street...there are people who are truly in need.  

Through jobs, friends, and family our needs have always been met.  And truthfully....many many of our wants as well.  I don't take that lightly.  Today as I settle into our comfy bed I am so very thankful for God's provisions in our lives.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Homeschooling and the College Years

Yesterday our Engineer drove our Scientist and me over to his new school.  We walked across campus and purchased all the books he would need for next semester.  As we carried the bags of books back to the van, I felt so thankful I have been such a huge part of each boy's education.

My August Quest was met yesterday, feeling thankful for the educational opportunities we have been able to provide for our two sons.  We lived in several different places while they were growing up, and moving in and out of different school systems can be difficult for kids.

Thankfully for us, it really was a positive experience....with each move we found what worked best for our family.

I am thankful for the public school years.  Our Scientist attended public school for kindergarten, first, half of second, and third grades.  Our Engineer enjoyed part of kindergarten in public school.  The public school experience provided us with some very special teachers and wonderful memories.

As I have mentioned before, homeschooling was not something we ever planned to do, but I am so very very thankful that we listened to God's prompting.

Over the years others have questioned us about it, given us advice about it, and shared plenty of their opinions about it. Negative comments never swayed us.  From the very beginning, we knew God was in this with us.  As a matter of fact...I'm pretty sure it was His idea in the first place!

Besides...the experiences we had far outweighed anything any person could have said to ruin it for us. You see, yesterday as we walked back to the van with the two big bags of college textbooks, I thought about the joy I experienced in teaching our Engineer to read.  It was me.  I did that.  I was the one.  I got to be there when his eyes danced with excitement as he read his first word...first sentence...first book. It is a very precious memory for me.

Although he passed me up in math a long time ago (don't worry...Hubby has been in charge of math these past two years), I was the one who first introduced him to math.  I was there in the beginning guiding him...encouraging him...and teaching him.  I can't even tell you how thankful I am for that.

Our Scientist was homeschooled for half of second grade, and then from fourth grade through seventh grade.  Our Engineer was taught at home from kindergarten through half of fourth grade, and then again ninth and tenth grade.  Hubby and I were their main teachers, but we sent them to enrichment classes and we hired a tutor for Spanish.  I am so thankful for those who came alongside us and helped us educate our children.

The homeschooling years hold many of my favorite memories.  I attribute that experience to our close family relationship...and especially our boys' close bond.  They are best friends and that just delights me.  The years they spent all day schooling together and the evenings and weekends playing together, closed their four year gap and developed a sweet relationship between them.

One of our moves lead us to two wonderful private Christian schools and another new educational experience for our family.  Our Scientist spent his junior high and high school years there.  Our Engineer did some elementary and junior high years in the enriching and uplifting classrooms of these two schools.  I am so thankful for that as well.

These two schools provided our boys with a great education, but also their experiences had a huge impact on their lives and the young men they are growing up to be.  We are so grateful for God's perfect timing to have brought us to those schools in that time of their lives.

When our Scientist stood before his classmates and the hundreds of guests attending their high school graduation a couple years ago, he thanked Hubby and I for the choices we made in his education.  Tears brimmed in my eyes as he stood there in cap and gown addressing the crowd.

We are not perfect parents and we have not been perfect educators either.  We have made mistakes....and there may be a few more yet to make, but we have tried to do our best for these two boys.  We love them dearly and I am truly thankful for the amazing adventure all four of us have had in seeing them through these educational years.

This morning when I woke up, I was still thinking about my thanksgiving from yesterday.  Along the same lines, today I am thankful that both of our boys enjoy learning.  They soak up new ideas, new concepts, and new understandings with excitement.  Learning makes them joyful.

In recent days our Scientist has commented that while he has really enjoyed being home this summer, he is also looking forward to getting back to school.  He has chosen to change his major and this will make a big change in the classes he will be taking.  He is excited to take these new classes and go in a new direction toward his future.

It is fun for me to see the sparkle in his eyes as he talks about it.  I am excited too.  I look forward to phone calls and FaceTime as he shares his new adventures with us.  I am thankful he is so excited and willing to learn.

Our Engineer took his first college class during the summer semester.  He loved it.  Each class day, he was up early.  He read and studied his material, did his homework, and worked hard to earn an A.  On his last day of class I asked him if he was glad it was over.  His reply surprised me.  He told me he was kind of sad.  He had enjoyed that class so much, he was sad that the experience was over.

In just a couple weeks, both boys will start the fall semester on the very same day at two different colleges.  I am glad they have this opportunity for higher education.  Today, as I think about all of this...I am just so thankful that our Scientist and our Engineer love to learn.  I am prayerful they will take the knowledge they gain in these college years and apply it in a way that will be most pleasing to God.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Family Fish Fry and Church Day = Thankfulness

Yesterday, I made a Texas Chocolate Sheet Cake and then we hopped in the van and drove down to Mom and Dad's farm.  We met up with Mom and Dad, Sister and Youngest brother, and their families. Although there were a few missing, thirteen of us gathered around the kitchen table to celebrate Dad's birthday.

On our way to the farm, we stopped in at Aunt and Uncle's log cabin restaurant and picked up fried chicken, chicken and dumplings, and their famous salad. I offered a quick hello to Aunt Prayer Warrior, Uncle Songleader, Cousin Christmas, and Pastor Cousin who were all there taking care of the crowd of hungry customers in their bustling dining rooms.  

Then, we drove on down the road a few more miles to the farm where Sister and Brother-In-Law were frying up fish they had recently caught. Dad was busy making homemade ice cream, and Mom was fizzing around her kitchen putting last minute touches on the rest of the food.  As always, we had plenty to eat.  

Once Youngest Brother and family arrived, we loaded up the table and bowed our heads as Dad prayed thanksgiving over all of us and the meal.  As the food was passed and everyone enjoyed the feast, lively chatter filled the air from one end of the long table to the other.  

After the delicious meal, we enjoyed dessert, sang Happy Birthday to Dad, showered him with gifts, and then laughed until we cried remembering some of our favorite moments from other times the family has been gathered together.  Several stories were told about past family vacations and pictures were brought out as well.  It was pure fun.

It was easy to fulfill my August Quest yesterday because as we spent time with family, I couldn't help but feel thankful that we are currently living near most of our family.  It's been a great blessing for us to reconnect and spend time with my parents, siblings, our niece, nephews, aunts, uncles, cousins, and friends who sure feel like family.  

Today was Church Day and as the four of us settled into our pew at church, I looked over at the three fine men sitting with me and my heart swelled with thankfulness.  Again, today it was easy to meet my August Quest goal because attending church together as a family means a lot to me.  

It blesses me greatly to know that my boys know the Lord....that He is important in their lives...that they love Him....that they seek to do His will in their lives...that they believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died on a cross for their salvation...that they have accepted that incredible gift...that they work to honor God in their daily lives...that they spend time reading God's Word...and worship Him.  Of course this makes me so very very grateful....and hopeful for their future.

There is much to be thankful for this August.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Family Time

As I sit down to write this post tonight, I have such a grateful heart.  It's easy to share my August Quest with you tonight, because we have had a blessed evening of family time and I am most thankful for it.

It won't be long before our Scientist heads back to college far far away from us.  We have cherished these past two months while he was home with us for summer break.  We have been able to pack in a lot of precious "family together time" in these past two months.

We didn't go on a big vacation this summer.  We didn't have big plans or do special events.  Instead, we enjoyed a summer filled with family, friends, games, movies, homemade goodies, and long talks.  We have spent time with extended family at Mom and Dad's farm, Aunt Prayer Warrior & Uncle Songleader's log cabin restaurant, family reunions, and our home.

We enjoyed visits from family and friends on and off all through June.  We played games, laughed, cooked, ate, went to a bunch of movies, watched TV together, went on walks, shopped a little, and took some time to just sit and talk.  We chatted about goals, future plans, why we believe what we believe, science (I am in a house full of scientists), things we find funny, and wonderful family memories.

It's been a joyous time.

In just a matter of days our Scientist will be back on campus where we will stay connected through phone calls, Skyping, FaceTime, email, and maybe even Facebook.  On the same day our Scientist begins his junior year of college, our Engineer will begin his junior year of high school...which also happens to be his freshman year of college.

He has been given a wonderful opportunity to start college at a local community college near our home.  We have decided to give it a try and see how it works for him.  This is a huge change for our family...and not one we originally were planning on making.  Everything just fell into place to give us confidence that this is what we are supposed to be doing with his schooling this year.

He is excited about this new plan...Hubby and I are too.  I think our Engineer is ready for this new adventure.   But the truth is...I'm not sure I am.  While we never planned to homeschool him in high school, it has been a really good experience.  These past two years, our Engineer and I have had a great deal of time together.  I have really enjoyed it.

It is becoming all too real to me that our blessed family time is almost wrapped up for the summer...and I really don't want it to end.  Tonight the four of us went out to the movies and grabbed some tacos.  In the car there, while we were out, and on the way home there was great discussion and laughter.  I enjoyed every minute of it.

After we got back home from our fun evening out, we all settled into the living room and hung out together....chatting a bit while we watched TV.  It's these moments...the quiet, every day ones in which I am most thankful to God because we all enjoy them so much.

Most of our family years, we have lived far from extended family.  We have moved many times.  Often holidays and special events were just the four of us.  It made us a very close family.  I am grateful that we are so close.  It does makes it hard when we are separated, but we know that when we are together, it will be a cherished time of togetherness for us.  It always is.

We truly appreciate our time together...and this summer has been no exception...which makes me so very very thankful.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Quest

Can you believe it's August?  Me neither...

While I worked on my July Quests every day, as you know I certainly didn't blog about it every day.  As a matter of fact, I only wrote a few posts in July. And you know what?  I'm okay with that.  Our summer is flying by way too quickly.  I've heard that said from several different people in the last few days. 

For Exercise, these past couple of weeks I have continued walking and cleaning.  Some evenings Hubby and I enjoyed a nice chat while walking around our neighborhood.  Other days, I walked on the treadmill and lifted my little hand weights downstairs.  

It has felt good to get our house back in order over the summer.  I have done some rearranging, organizing, and deep cleaning this month.  I worked up a good sweat and it felt good to get those projects marked off my Summer To Do List. 

By the end of this weekend, I should have my second 2004 album complete.  What fun to go through all those pictures when our guys were little.  It's brought back wonderful memories for this momma.  

The Quest has inspired me to keep working on my albums and get all of our family photos into scrapbooks.  As soon as this current album is done, I plan to get my 2005 pictures out and start those scrapbooks.  I'm so glad I did this Quest for July.

August Quest
So...Today is August 1 and it is time to announce my Quest for August.  The first half of this month will be a busy one for our family and then the last two weeks will be a whole new experience for me.  I'm not going to tell you all about it today, but tune in throughout August and I'll share our adventures with you.

This is a big transition month for us and I wasn't sure what I wanted to commit to during a busy month with new experiences.  Tonight we had Thanksgiving Dinner.  I didn't fix a big Thanksgiving dinner in November because we enjoyed that day at my parents' house.  I had oven troubles during Christmas, so I didn't fix a turkey during Christmas either.  

With our entire family together during this summer break...I am feeling quite I decided to fix a Thanksgiving dinner...complete with a huge turkey and my yummy holiday dressing.  As I thought about what my August Quest was going to be, the smell of turkey baking in the oven was wafting through the house, and it suddenly dawned on me what my Quest should be this month.

Yes, my August Quest is to celebrate Thanksgiving in August.  I will focus on something I am thankful for every day in August.  And I'll kick it off today by sharing that I am thankful for you.  

Even though I haven't posted much the past two months, I am thankful for this blogging opportunity to share a little part of my life with you.  And I'm really thankful that y'all actually read it!  Some of you even join in on a Quest sometimes!  Some of you even write a little comment after a post sometimes!  Whatever part of this blogging experience we have shared, I appreciate that you are willing to experience it with me.

Thanksgiving in August....yes...I like the sound of that...who just might be as fun as Christmas in July.