Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Puppy Love

Summer in the Midwest is proving to be as strange as winter in the Midwest....today we awoke to the sound of rain...again.  We are having a surprisingly spring-like summer.  We have had a few sunny, warm days, but we have had our share of rainy days as well.  Not only was it rainy today...but the temperatures hung in the mid 60s most of the day as well.  Now that is strange for July 2nd!

When I walked into the kitchen this morning, it was clear by the long list hanging on the refrigerator that we were in need of some groceries.  So...rain or shine...our Scientist and I grabbed the list and headed out to the grocery store.  

Thankfully it wasn't too busy in the store today, so we zoomed through it picking up all the goodies we will need for a little 4th of July feast.  I haven't completely settled on menu, so I grabbed a couple of options.  

On our way out of the store, I spotted a festive bouquet of flowers that I just couldn't resist.  So....while our Scientist loaded our groceries into the car (in the rain, I might add), I purchased the pretty flowers.

After we arrived home, the boys unloaded the bags of groceries while I put the food away in the kitchen.  Just then..in walked Hubby with my 4th of July bouquet in his hand.  He had a big smile on his face as he announced he brought me flowers today...for no reason.  I found it quite funny and love the beauty they bring to our kitchen...no matter who actually picked them out!

This evening, after dinner, I finally worked on my July Quests for today.

The rain let up, so Hubby and I took a cool brisk walk around the neighborhood again tonight.  We opted to not take the Twins with us as it was still wet out.  We did however, invite the boys to join us, but they decided, once again, to do push ups and sit ups for their exercise today.

After our walk, I sat down at my desk to work on a couple of scrapbooking pages.  When I pulled the next pages out, I discovered I was ready to work on a page for our dearly departed dog, Sophie Girl.  She was our first family dog and we loved her greatly the 11 years she was in our family.  She's been gone for nearly two years...and we miss her still today.  

Working on these pictures of Sophie Girl just made me smile because in some of the pictures our Scientist is drying her off with a pink towel after her bath.  

At the very moment I sat down to work on these pictures, our Scientist and Engineer were carrying our Twins upstairs for their baths.   Now we use that same pink towel to dry off our pups after their baths.  We do miss Sophie Girl dearly...but we delight in the memories we made with her...and our puppy love lives on with our two new pups.

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