Friday, June 21, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Photo Caption Contest & MORE!

Happy Friday!  It's Just For Fun Friday and I have some fun for you today!

But first...let's get to my June Quests for the past few days.

I'm so thankful that Hubby is willing to support me when I'm working on my exercise Quest.  Last night we took a brisk walk around the neighborhood.  To add to our workout, we actually chatted with Dodge and Darol on the phone while we walked.  They are having a great time visiting family a couple of states away, and will soon return for a longer visit with us.

Hubby and I also spent time planting several new rosebushes, a honeysuckle bush, and some other flowering plants in our front yard flower beds.  After an evening of yard work, I always find that I have exercised muscles I don't normally exercise, because I am a bit sore the next day.  And, of course, this time was no different...

Tonight Hubby and I finished off our flowerbed project by spreading a new layer of mulch around all of our newly planted bushes and plants.  Not only did we get a bit of a workout, but our efforts have given us such beauty in our front yard.

Take A Picture
Last night we did something that used to be a normal evening event in our family...but now...has become quite a special occurrence.  Hubby, our Scientist, our Engineer, and I had a family dinner...just the four of us.

Sadly, we are in that time of our lives where this normal, everyday part of life is not so normal anymore.  However, we are all so aware of this true fact, that we can appreciate and cherish our little family dinners whenever we get an opportunity to break bread together.

As you may be aware, our Scientist spends most of the year far away at college.  As a teenager, our Engineer is in and out of our home with activities.  Hubby's job sometimes requires long hours and trips out of town.

From the time our Scientist arrived home for summer break, it's been nonstop craziness around here.  Our Engineer was knee deep in play practice and gone every evening.  We had three sets of company come and go.  Hubby was out of town twice (for a few days each time) on business.  Last night was actually the very first night since our Scientist returned home that we had an opportunity to sit down together...just the four of us...and enjoy a quiet family dinner.

I made a little pasta and bruschetta.  We love Italian food and everyone kept saying how yummy this meal was.

I know it tasted good, but truly it just felt good too.  I love our family dinners around our little kitchen table.  It just makes this momma happy.

The pictures I took today are of my new rosebushes.  Yesterday, Hubby and I planted three new rosebushes in our front yard.  I really look forward to watching these bushes grow and bloom.

Our family has lived in several different homes in several different states.  When we moved into our very first home, I decided to plant a rosebush because roses are my favorite flowers and I love rosebushes.

That started a tradition that has continued to this very day.  Hubby and I have planted at least one rosebush at every house we have lived in throughout our 24 years of marriage.

It's a special tradition because I get to enjoy the roses as they bloom while we live in each home, and then I get to leave a little beauty behind for the next occupants.

Now...Just For Fun because it's Friday!

This is the photo I took on Wednesday.  It's our pup, Tough Guy.

I'm just wondering...what's behind those eyes....what is he thinking?

So...Just For Fun - A photo caption contest!!!

Tell me in the comments below:
What do you think this puppy has on his mind?

I'm really looking forward to your answers!!

Happy Friday!  I hope it's FUN!


  1. "Now that the blonde girl is gone I have the Scientist all to myself. Girls! Who needs them? They get in the way of BRO time!"

    1. Ha! That would be funny if Tough Guy wasn't SO in love with the blonde girl. I think he would have hid in her suitcase and went with her! He loves some BRO time...but he really really liked that girl!


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