Sunday, June 30, 2013

July Quests: Exercise and Scrapbook

Oh my I officially old if I ask y'all where in the world the month of June went? Truly, it went by in such a blur that I can't believe we are sitting here on the brink of July.  I am still wondering how a month can fly by so quickly.

I remember posting my June Quests...then six posts....four sets of company later....and 30 days later and here we are.  It was JUST that quick!  Crazy!  I really did do my June Quests every day all month...although I will admit I wasn't as committed to the tasks as I have been during more structured months.

Exercise and Take A Picture
Blah..blah...blah...excuse...excuse...visitors....excuse....June is done.  Let's just say I may have stretched the boundries of what truly makes up "exercise" a few days in there, but I did some sort of Exercise Every Day.

I also took A Picture Every Day even though I did not share all of them with you on this blog. That was a fun Quest.  I truly enjoyed looking for photo-taking opportunities and my family and friends were great to join in and offer me ideas along the way.

While we greatly enjoyed all of our June visitors and the return of our Scientist to the fold, I am ready to slow the schedule down a bit.  At this point, July is looking to be much slower paced and a bit more relaxed.  Hubby and I are both excited about that because looking at our calendar...once we hit August...we will be running at a pretty scheduled busy pace for the rest of the year.

Which brings me to my July Quests...  I'm very excited about July because for the first time this year, my entire family - Hubby, our Scientist, and our Engineer - has offered/agreed to join me in my Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest for July.

This is encouraging because adventures are always more fun when someone is willing/interested in doing it with you...and...for this adventure, my three favorite guys are joining me!  So what will our "Family Quest" be?  We are going to Exercise Every Day.

Some days we may exercise together as a family and other days...depending on schedules...we each might workout on our own.  Either way, we plan to encourage each other and help each other stay on track and improve our efforts each day.

I will also be working on a personal Quest on my own which is to Scrapbook Every Day.  I love to scrapbook.  I enjoy taking you already know, I am a story teller...and family history means a great deal to me.  When I was introduced to Creative Memories scrapbooking back in 1997 by my dear friend, Warrior Mom...I totally jumped into it!

I quickly purchased a starter kit...found a local consultant (who would also become a great friend)...signed on to become a CM Consultant myself...started holding crops and teaching classes....signed on several other consultants...became a senior consultant...then a unit leader/manager...made several albums...and then we moved...and I started my business all over again...made several more albums...and then...we moved again...I began teaching full-time in a classroom...found I really had very little time to scrapbook...closed up my business....and I have been sporadically scrapbooking ever since.

For the month of July...I'm giving myself permission to take the time each day for a month to sit down and work on at least one page (but hopefully many pages) each day as I document our family's history in picture and story.

I have plenty of supplies left over from my days as a consultant, so I will put together true scrapbooks ~ "old school" style ~ by hand-making each page and writing on them in my own handwriting.  There may come a day when I decide to switch over to the ever popular digital scrapbooking method...but for now...I'm going to crop pictures, layer pages with paper and decorations, and tell our stories with my own writings.

In my July Quest blogs...maybe I'll share some of my pages...or stories...or both, but hopefully you will hear from me more than just a few times throughout the month.  Check back tomorrow as our family kicks off our very first Family Quest and I get back to an old love...scrapbooking!

On a final note...the end of June marks the half way point of my 2013 Year Long Adventure "to create a pure heart and renew a steadfast spirit".  I have faithfully met each month's Quests and have done something positive for my Heart & Spirit for the past 181 days!  Wow!

Will you join me?  I have heard from several people this month who are joining me in their own July Quest.  One couple I know will be working on daily devotional young reader will be working toward creating a better daily schedule....another friend will be exercising every day...and another one is still considering her options, but will choose something to do starting tomorrow.

If you are inspired....then please join us!  I will be happy to support and encourage you along the way ~ just as you do for me!  See you tomorrow as we kick off another Heart & Spirit Monthly Quest!

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  1. Wish I could join in on scrapbooking quest but will be gone for awhile in July!! Happy scrapbooking !! Tea queen


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