Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Food....Fun...And A...Tree?

As you may have noticed, it's been a bit difficult for me to post regularly this month.  We have been blessed with several visitors and busyness this month, but we have really enjoyed the blessings of friends and family wanting to spend time with us.

Truthfully it's been more difficult to focus on my June Quests, but I have continued to do them....just not always as I had planned.

My Exercise Every Day Quest has become a mixture of activities which is not what I planned, but at least I am active every day.  And since it is summer and our schedule has been...well...much less structured than during the school year, I am pleased to have done some kind of exercise every day...even if it was not the workout I hoped to have established by now.

So these past few days I have done some walking and a bit of other exercises, depending on timing and energy level each day.  A highlight of this week was a walk with Hubby one evening.  We had a great chat while we walked.  It was one of those talks that just did our hearts good.  I'm so thankful for the friendship and support we enjoy in our marriage that makes the love we have for each other even more sweet.

Take A Picture
I have Taken A Picture Every Day these past few days, and here are a few of my favorites:

A few nights ago, I made pizza dip and baked artichoke dip to enjoy on some delicious fresh bread.  Dodge and Darol brought us fresh veggies from their garden as well.  Yum!  It was another family dinner that I cherished!

I also made homemade hummus.  After several tries, I have finally found a recipe we love.  More yum!

One evening, Hubby, our Scientist, and our Engineer finally sat down to try a new game I got them for Christmas. was Christmas in June!  I read about this game online and ordered it.  It's called Quarterback King and they ended up playing it for three nights in a row.  They just left the game set up on the dining room table.  It must have been fun because I heard a lot of loud laughter coming from the dining room.

When we moved into our current home, something just delighted me.....

I love this beautiful Mimosa Tree that hangs over our fence.  It's actually in my neighbor's yard, but I enjoy the tropical feel and fluffy pink flowers this tree produces.  Some people don't like this tree because it can be a bit messy, but I think it is so pretty.

Another fun fact is that we had a Mimosa Tree in the yard of my childhood home.  It was right outside my bedroom window when I was a little girl.  I loved that tree with the pretty pink flowers.
After enjoying this tree outside my kitchen window each day, I wanted to share it with you.

June has flown by so quickly and just yesterday I realized I needed to start thinking about my July Quests.  To my delight several people have already said they would do a July Quest as well!  I'm going to have a fun twist with my July stay tuned and I will share it with you in just a few days!

Maybe you would like to join in and do a July Quest as well?  If so...start thinking about what you would like to focus on for just 30 days.

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