Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Celebrating Us

The last few days have been quite exciting around here.  I've been enjoying time with my family and haven't stopped to write about my June Quests.  Let's catch up.

The last three days I have done a variety of exercises. I did a workout routine, yard work, and walked on the treadmill.  With all the excitement around here, it helped to do something different each day.

Take A Picture
So what's with all the celebrating? 

Monday Hubby and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary.  We went out to eat at a favorite Mexican restaurant and we double dated with our Scientist and Nurse!  We are super happy because our Scientist drove in from college on Sunday evening.  We get to have him home for the summer and that's worth celebrating as well. 

Not only did he arrive Sunday night, but he brought the Nurse along with him!  We are delighted to have her visit us for a bit this summer.  Our Engineer had plans that evening, so we enjoyed sharing our anniversary dinner with the other two.  It was a night of laughter and stories.  Sometime during the dinner I snapped a really cute picture of our Scientist and Nurse.

Hubby and I feel blessed to have shared the last 24 years together.  We have a good marriage.  We love each other...we like each other...we like spending time together...we find humor in the same things...which means we laugh together - a lot.  So, we had much to celebrate Monday.  Hubby and I often say to each other how much we like being Us.  I thank God for our marriage and friendship. 

Tuesday, was also an exciting day because our Engineer began college!  He is taking his very first college class this summer and I got a shot of him with my new camera as he stood by his car with his backpack.  After a few pictures that all included a fairly large grin, he was off on his new adventure.

And I officially became a momma of two college students.  Wait.  What?

We are thankful for his excitement about taking a class.  He takes school seriously and works hard.  Yes...that was something worth celebrating as well....even if it's a tad bittersweet for this momma.

Today was a little more low key, but that didn't keep me from cherishing time with my loved ones.  This afternoon, our Scientist and Nurse were in the backyard with the Twins when I took a few photos of our little black pups running through our yard. 

Hubby mowed the yard yesterday and they found great joy in romping in the freshly mowed grass.  Most of the pictures I snapped were what I would call "action shots" and I didn't get what I was really hoping to catch. 

But...for a few brief seconds, Tough Guy stopped and seemed to pose for me.  I loved it.  This is what I captured of him today:
Hubby named this one... "On Patrol"

We have a fairly large yard, so our Twins have their own special little fenced off area.  Every few days though, I open their little gate and let them have a run in the Big Yard.  They love getting to run at full speed in the Big Yard. 

Usually the first thing they do is patrol around the perimeter to check everything out, because at 12 and 10 pounds...they believe it is their job to be our protectors.  Looking at this picture really makes me smile.  Tough Guy, obviously takes his job very seriously.

These past few days from an anniversary, to a homecoming, to a new beginning, to some quality family time...we had much to celebrate.  I like being Us.

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