Saturday, June 1, 2013

Beauty in the Midst of Destruction

Yesterday I planned to end the month of May with a little Just For Fun Friday fun...and then....some pretty crazy storms rolled across the Midwest.  We ended up hunkering down in the basement watching the news and texting family and friends for a good part of the evening. 

Storms raged around us even after we went to bed....and it just kind of took out of my planned post.  So, I'll save it for another day.

Believe it or not...June is already here and today I kicked off my new June Quests.  I'm pretty excited about these of these quests!

Take A Picture
Recently I purchased a new camera.  I am not what you would call a real photographer.  I own one very nice 35mm film camera that I put a little effort into learning to use, but then when the digital camera age arrived, I put that camera away.  For many years I have enjoyed taking some pretty good pictures with a couple smaller, much easier to use cameras.   

I missed some of the features and options of my bigger camera, so when the time came to replace the camera I had been using, I decided I might want to get something that offered a little more.  I did some online research, in-store research, and then consulted with our personal professional photographer, Cousin Sunshine. 

Cousin Sunshine is Hubby's cousin by blood and my cousin by love.  She is one of those people that everyone enjoys being around.  She radiates sunshine and happiness...and I love her dearly.  She was just a tiny little thing when our lives intertwined and I am so happy to call her cousin.  She was the flower girl in our wedding 24 years ago and we have shared a special bond ever since.

Cousin Sunshine gave me some great tips on camera purchasing which helped me to narrow down what to buy.  It made me happy because camera shopping can be so overwhelming, and I am really happy with what I purchased.  It made Hubby happy because her advice helped me choose a much less expensive camera that I originally thought I needed.

The day I came home with my new camera, I went outside to our front yard and snapped a few pictures of something I love: roses.  Yes...can you believe it ~ someone named Rosie loves roses?  It's true that I do. 

Anyway, here is one of the photos I snapped that day.  We have three beautiful rose covered bushes in our front yard.  I am grateful to whoever planted them! 

A few days ago these rose bushes were heavy with beautiful roses...and then...

Last night's storms blew in and just beat up my poor rose bushes.

I took this photo this afternoon after the rain had finally stopped for a bit and I could go out and access the damage.

Truly we were very blessed to just have some roses knocked off and blown around.  Otherwise, we did not have any other damage on our property. 

There were, of course, people all along the storm's path, especially the brave souls of Oklahoma, who have real damage to deal with in the aftermath of last night's storms.

This was really the extent of our damage.  Beautiful loose rose petals strewn about our front flower beds.

And then...while I was looking over my bushes, I came across this:

So this is my special picture of the day. 
I call it:
"Beauty in the Midst of Destruction"
And really...isn't that what we all want to find?  This little flower just spoke to my heart today.  After taking this photo, I just stood there and drank it in for a minute. 
Such fragile...and yet, strong
Strong enough to withstand the hail, driving rain, and wind that poured down on it.  With others beatened, battered, and destroyed all around it...with just their petals left in the wake...this little rose was strong enough to survive the storm...and still share it's beauty. 
Hubby took me out and walked me tonight.  I was so grateful for his support.  He is a huge encouragement when it comes to supporting the things that are important to me.  It means the world to me to know he is always there to inspire me.  We do that for each other.  It's what makes us a good team.

After the rain finally stopped, we put on our tennis shoes and took off at a good pace around our neighborhood.  We enjoyed the slight breeze and the damp after-the-rain air.  We took in the beautiful flower beds of several of our neighbors. 

Along our walk we: chatted a bit about some things that are important to us...made some plans for the coming days...laughed a little....saw a huge snapping turtle in a yard which scared me a bit...then Hubby stumbled, but thankfully caught himself and didn't get hurt...and I might have made a comment about bugs and not being outdoorsy.  All in all, it was a nice walk.

I end the day with a thankful heart.  Both of my Quests are complete and I enjoyed doing both of them. 

Hubby helped me delight in my exercise for today.  We really like being together and doing things together.  I truly cherish my time with him. 

And that beautiful rose among the storm damage reminded me that I should always look for the beauty among the destruction.  As I thought about that tonight...I realized this: 

If I can't find the beauty...well...maybe I need to be it. 


  1. Love your rose pics! The new camera seems to be working nicely for you. Love you too cousin!!

  2. LOve your photos... Rose so beautiful!!! Are you going to scrapbook? Been keeping up exercising.
    Tea Queen


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