Monday, May 20, 2013

Weekend Update

I wrote the following post before I learned of the horrific tornado that hit our beloved former home state of Oklahoma.  My heart, prayers, and tears are with Oklahoma tonight.  Maybe tomorrow I can post more...for now I pray.

I didn't get a blog posted about my May Quests this weekend, so here's what I was up to the past three days...

Pray for Someone
Saturday, I prayed for a friend's daughter.  She graduated from college, packed her belongings, loaded them into her car, and drove through several states to a brand new place to start her new post-college life.  She was raised by two military parents who taught her (by example) what it means to be brave and independent. 

She is moving to a new state, a new home, all new friends, and a new career which adds up to a completely new life.  I prayed for God's protection and guidance over her.  I prayed she relies on all those wonderful lessons she has learned from her parents, and I prayed this is a beautiful start for her adult life.

Sunday, my Someones were all the new high school graduates I know.  There are several young men and women finishing up high school and preparing to head off to the start of their adult life.  Some of them are family friends.  Others are former students of mine. 

I am proud of them and what they have accomplished in their young lives.  I prayed for God to be with them and guide them as they prepare for the future.  Some will remain home with parents, so I prayed for that situation as new challenges and experiences will arise.  Others will move away for the first time and I prayed for them as they take on more responsibility. 

All of them are off to college.  There will be a new school, new friends, new instructors, and new rules.  I prayed they handle all this newness with good judgement.  I asked God to bless this summer time of preparation for them and their families as they deal with the emotions, concerns, and needs that come with change.

When I woke up this morning, I wasn't sure who was going to be my Someone today.  I didn't sleep well last night, and then didn't feel well this morning.  So I didn't go down to the basement, get on the treadmill, and pray like I like to do most mornings. 

Instead, I took care of some things I needed to work on, and it was later in the day when I stopped to pray for my list of prayer requests. It is unusual for me to get that far into the day without praying for my Someone, but I think that's exactly what was supposed to happen because as I was thinking about who I could pray for today, I saw on Facebook a prayer request from a friend, and I knew that I was supposed to stop right then and pray this Someone.

My Someone today is my friend's husband who was rushed to the hospital in the early morning hours today.  And while I am not sure what is wrong, and they are not sure what is wrong, and even the doctors may not know what is wrong, God knows.  So I went to Him and asked Him to be with these friends. 

I asked God to lay His powerful healing hands on this man.  I asked God to guide his doctors and nurses to know how to care for him.  I asked our Lord to comfort him and give him peace during this scary and confusing time. 

I prayed that God would be with my friend.  She is a faithful servant and loving wife.  I asked God to comfort her and help her rest while the doctors care for her husband.  I prayed today that God would rule over this entire situation and there would be no doubt in the end that He was there and that He was in control of a confusing and concerning time for both of them.

Do A Good Deed
My good deeds these past few days included taking the time to talk to a complete stranger who is expecting her first child, a boy.  It was fun to watch her eyes light up as I asked about her special arrival.  I shared with her a bit about the joys of raising little boys.  It was a fun conversation and I was glad that I could brighten her day a little as she seated people and checked people out at a busy restaurant while eight months pregnant.

Another deed I did was something little, but seemed to mean a whole lot to my little neighbor boy.  He kicked his soccer ball over our six foot fence, and while he really wanted to get it back, my cute, but very loud barking Twins made him a little fearful. 

I took him by the hand and lead him past my puppies, showing him they are all bark and no bite, and then helped him retrieve his ball from our yard.  I made him a promise that if I find his soccer ball in my yard again, I will throw it back over.  Bless his heart.

Today, I took care of something for someone and they didn't even know it needed to be done.  And here's the fun part.  They may never know that it needed to be done...I'm not going to tell them...but they would have had a lot of problems in a couple months if it hadn't been done.

Sometimes that just the fun of Good Deeds.  Many times we do them and the person who benefits doesn't even know about it.  Or maybe they don't know who did it.  When that happens, it can turn into a blessing for the person who benefits and the person doing the Good Deed. 

I felt blessed to get to do that today!

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  1. I agree that college students need a lit of prayers!!! I've been uplifting two of friends of mine and one day soon some I'd mt own own will be included.
    Tea Queen


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