Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sending Prayers To Heaven & Goodies To College

Yesterday was May is the National Day of Prayer...tomorrow is Happy Family Day around here because Hubby gets to take the day off.  I'm not saying every day in May will have a special theme...but it's looking good so far!

Today, our Engineer joined me in doing one of my May Quests.  How blessed am I to have a sixteen year old willing to do a few of my Quests with me? 

Pray for Someone
Since today, May 2, really is the National Day of Prayer, our church offered a special prayer service at noon.  After a morning of 10th grade, our Engineer and I lunched, and then drove over to our church for the service. 

We attend what we consider a crazy big church, but this service was in the middle of the day during the work week, so as I expected, it was a fairly small service.  For me, it truly was much needed quiet time to stop and spend a bit of the day with the Lord. 

Our church leadership spoke and prayed.  A beautiful rendition of The Lord's Prayer was sung.  We were given time during the service to pray quietly.  And then we were sent back out into the beautiful sunshine with blessings for a wonderful day.

In honor of this day, I chose for my Someones to be our government leadership.  At the service we prayed for local, state, and national leaders.  I have continued praying for them throughout the day. 

There are times when I think about our elected leaders and I get so frustrated because I don't feel represented.  I don't always agree with the choices they make or the ways they spend money.  Sometimes I feel like my votes didn't really count.  It's during those times I really need to pray. 

I need to pray for the decisions they make on my behalf.  I need to pray for the choices they make and even the words they say publicly because they represent me.  I need to ask God to give them eyes-wide-open wisdom and discernment in what is truly best for all of our citizens.

Of course there are times when I agree with our government leaders.  There are times when they speak and I feel proud of the words they say or the actions they take.  It's also during those times I need to pray. 

I need to remember to thank God for the good leaders we have.  I need to ask Him to give them strength as they stand up to the wrong in this world.  I need to pray for those leaders too, because I want them to have the will to continue to fight the good fight for what is best for everyone.

As our pastor put it today, "we need to remember to pray for the burden and the blessing."

So today...on this National Day of Prayer...I prayed for our elected officials.  I asked God to be with them.  I asked Him to guide them, equip them, and to put His hand upon them, because I truly want what is best for our country.  I want us to be a good nation.  I want us to be a nation that bows to God and accepts all His good and gracious gifts.  So, yes, I prayed for our leaders today.

Do A Good Deed
The other day I went shopping in anticipation of this Good Deed.  I purchased a bag full of fun goodies to send to some very special college students I know.  One of them happens to be our Scientist, but I sent goodies to several of his friends as well.

Over the past two years, we have spent some time visiting our Scientist at his campus.  That is important to us because, of course, we want to spend time with him.  That is clearly our number one reason for going to visit him at college.  But another great reason to visit him is to get to know his friends. 

In our family, our boy's friends become our other children.  We enjoy getting to know them and developing relationships with them.  If these people are important in our son's lives, then they are important to Hubby and me as well. 

We have enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know our Scientist's friends.  It's fun to send them little notes, gifts, and some of their favorite treats in a box from "home".  Today, I carefully packed my purchases into a box, taped it up, and mailed it off.

Hopefully it will arrive just in time for finals week and the specially chosen goodies will bring a smile to their faces as they get through these stressful last few days of the semester. 

I have certainly enjoyed celebrating these past two days in a special way that intertwined quite well with my Quests for this month.  Now I am looking forward to Happy Family Day tomorrow.

*If you have a prayer need, please contact me and I will pray for you.* 

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