Monday, May 27, 2013

No Greater Love

Yesterday I shared with you some thoughts about honoring our military heroes. Today, I want to share a little about some heroes we spent time with this morning.

Today was a special day for our family.  We traveled down the road a bit to my childhood hometown where we attended a beautiful Memorial Day service with some of our family and friends.  As we sang, pledged, prayed, and remembered, tears came to my eyes in gratefulness to those who have given so much for our beloved country.

This rural "middle America" town with fewer than 1000 residents has seen some great tragedy in recent weeks.  In such a small town as this, the fireman are citizen volunteers.  As a matter of fact, back in the day when I was growing up there, Dad was one of those volunteer firemen.  I have such high respect for these men who volunteer their time to do a dangerous, but much needed service for their small community.

Recently this town's firemen had to deal with several emergencies that were new experiences for them.  They were well trained and were able to handle each situation in a professional manner, but they also were forever changed by what they experienced as the first responders on the scene.  My heart goes out to each one of them. 

So it may not surprise you to learn that my May Quests today honored the amazing brave heroes of this small town fire department.

Pray for Someone and Do A Good Deed
I spent time in prayer today thanking God for the selfless actions of each one of these upstanding men. I prayed for their safety. I asked God to help them to learn and retain all they need to know during future training.

I asked God to be with their families who love, support, and no doubt worry about them.  And I especially asked our Lord to comfort them and sustain them during this time of grief and recovery from the recent tragedies in which they were the first responders.

Today was special to Hubby and I because we not only were given an opportunity to honor those brave men and women in the military who gave their lives for our nation, but we also shared in a time of honoring the brave firemen of my childhood hometown.  Hubby and I delighted in an opportunity to publicly, and later privately show our support for them as well.

I was reminded again today of how our country is filled with so many truly brave people who are willing to go above and beyond for their fellow citizens. 

Hubby shared these words from Jesus today:  "Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends."  ~John 15:13

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  1. My husband's twin is a volunteer fire department fireman in his small hometown!!! He started right after college and it is important to him. He has shown our boys the trucks many times throughout the years!!! I admire his dedication to drop everything as soon as alarm sounds... He even heard the emergency call for his own father and was able to arrive quicker than someone could call him although it was too late he was there immediately for his mom and other brother!!! He is a civil engineer by profession..
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