Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Letting Go of Expectations

Sometimes we can get caught up in expectations...especially when it comes to "Hallmark Holidays".  I think it sets us up for disappointment....or stress...or hurt feelings...which is so sad because each of those feelings are the opposite of what is supposed to be accomplished when celebrating someone.

Expectations can really ruin things...especially when someone tries to show their love, but it's so "off the mark" that we miss the opportunity of being blessed by the gift.  Unfortunately if I asked everyone who has ever done that to raise their own hand would be in the air.  A younger, more self-centered Rosie did that. 

Somewhere along the way, I learned to let go of my expectations, and receive gifts with thanksgiving instead.  Does that mean that I'm never disappointed?  Of course not.  I'm human.  And female.  I'm a human female.  So, I do have to shrug those feelings off sometimes.  Thankfully I have come to see the selfishness in those feelings and am much better about just letting them go when they creep up on me.

About a week before Mother's Day, our Engineer took a little trip to the bookstore.  He is very careful with his money.  He works hard for it, and he doesn't usually spend it without great consideration.  He really enjoys browsing the bookstore, but he doesn't purchase a book every time he goes.  As a matter of fact, he can go several times in a row before actually choosing a book to purchase. 

So, when he came in from that little shopping trip with a book in his hand, I was happy he found one that he thought was worth his money.   The surprise came when he handed me something.  It turns out he purchased something for me as well. 
This adorable little block sign:
Now...I don't know if you are familiar with teenagers...but really, no matter how great your relationship get a gift like this from a teenager is more precious and special than words can truly convey.

But the story gets even better...because I soon realized that this gift was:
1. Purchased from a display of Mother's Day gifts...and

2. Our Engineer had no idea that Mother's Day was a just a few days away....which made this gift...

3. All the more special, because it truly came from his heart and not because he felt he needed to purchase a gift for me. 

And honestly...our Engineer is a true boy and really doesn't enjoy shopping for gifts...especially for his momma...who happens to be a very girly girl...

AND the story gets even better, because a day or so before Mother's Day...our Engineer casually mentioned..."remember that little gift I got for you, Mom?  Uh...yeah...that was really for Mother's Day."     hee hee

I just loved it, because I totally saw that coming and it truly delighted me!  I reassured him that I loved it as my Mother's Day gift, because I knew it came from his heart. 

Now that I have shared my heart with you's what I did with my May Quests these past two days.

Pray for Someone
Tuesday, my Someone was a tiny little baby born at just 24 weeks.  A friend of mine shared this prayer request along with an amazing photo, and I have to say, this itty bitty miracle weighing in at just over 1 lb captured my heart immediately. 

His daddy was in the photo with him and two things really stood out to me.  One was the concerned look on that daddy's face, and the other was how very very tiny this fragile little baby is.  They, along with the mommy, have a long road ahead of them. 

So I prayed for this new little family.  I asked God to gently hold them all in the palm of His hand while this baby develops and grows strong in the days to come.  As you know, babies are very precious to me and I know this baby is very very precious to his entire family.

Today I prayed for Someone very dear to me that lost a long time pet.  Having mourned the loss of a few pets myself, I understand her heartache, and I pray for her and her family as they say goodbye. 

Do A Good Deed
Yesterday, I was in the process of writing my blog post for the day, when a friend-in-need called.  I closed my computer and spent a couple hours listening, talking, encouraging, sympathizing, and even laughing a little. 

By the time I got off the phone, it was late, and I decided this post could wait until today.   It was a blessed time for her...and me...and I'm so glad that when she needed a friend, she called me.

Today, I worked on something special for our Engineer.  He has a desire to do something new and it's going to take some effort on my part to help him make it happen.  Today, I spent a good deal of time helping him work toward this goal.  I'm happy to give him a helping hand, and hopefully it might lead to him reaching this new goal.

As a momma, I always try to keep things even between my I'll end tonight by sharing the other surprise I got for Mother's Day:
Roses....from our Scientist. 

They were an equally touching gift, because he is still far far away at school...this was our first Mother's Day apart...ever...and he is very busy with college life.  Clearly it was important to him to make sure I knew he loved me and was thinking of me even if we couldn't be together.

In the didn't matter when or why the gift was purchased.  It didn't matter the amount of money spent...or the amount of time or effort put toward it.  Those things are all expectation issues.

No...what mattered boys love me...and I love them.  Truly...that is the best gift of all.

Remember...if you have a prayer request, please contact me and I will pray for you!

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