Thursday, May 9, 2013

Just Let It Go

There comes a time to let things go.  One of Hubby's favorite sayings is "Just let it go....".  It seems to be easier for him to do that than it is for me.  As you might imagine...he says that phrase to me...every

It's true, I tend to want to hang onto everything.

Sometimes it's good happy memories.... our grandma's dishes...grandpa's bow ties....cute little baby tennis shoes...albums and boxes full of photographs of those we love...a special pet's dog collar...favorite toys....much loved teddy bears...high school mementos....and a few boxes filled with words of love on cards, letters, and drawings.  It's good to keep those kind of things.

But then...sometimes it's things I shouldn't hang clothes that haven't been worn in years...rugs, curtains, and decorations from three houses long that boys have outgrown...movies we never watch...and kitchen appliances rarely used.

Why is it so hard to pry my fingers off these unimportant things cluttering up my live?

Even worse the other stuff I have a hard time letting go...the icky, bad, don't-need-it-in-my-life bad memories, words spoken in anger, hurt feelings, slights, painful truths, hateful lies, and ugly mental images.  I know I don't need or even really want those things in my why do I fight so hard to keep them sometimes? 

It's become a worthy goal this year to rid my life of these kinds of ugliness.  It's one of the reasons I started these Quests..this year long adventure...and writing this blog.  And I'm so happy to say, it really is working. 

Thankfully, focusing on the stuff worth having in my life has really helped me to just let go of that which is not.  So with that in mind, I worked on my May Quests these past couple of days.

Good Deeds
First, I worked on getting rid of that which I do not need in my life:
Yesterday, I spent time going through my closest. I cleared out a trash bag full of clothes to donate to the Salvation Army. They were all nice clothes in great shape, but they were either too big, too small, or I just haven't worn them in a very long time. This was a long overdue project and my hope is now someone else can enjoy these clothes.

We have a few other boxes of household items that we have gathered over the past few months, so today I called Salvation Army for a pick up and soon these items will be available for someone else to use.   Maybe by letting it go to the Salvation Army, we can bless someone in need.

Pray for Someone
Then, I turned my attention to that which is good...praying for others in need:
Yesterday, I prayed for Someone I do not know, but she's a mom and is very important to her daughter.  One of my sweet friends sent me the request, because her friend's mom had a stroke.  So I prayed for this lady, her loving daughter, and the recovery journey ahead of them.

Today my Someone is the daughter of my dear friend, Southern Belle.  Her daughter had surgery on her foot today, and I prayed for her surgery which thankfully went well.  I also prayed for the six weeks of recovery ahead of her.  I pray she heals quickly because she will be heading off on a choir tour this summer.

What about you?  Do you struggle with "just letting it go"?  If so, would you like me to pray for you?   Contact me and I will be happy to join you in prayer.


  1. Oh yes - letting go is hard. I've cleaned out so much over the past few weeks - things from several moves ago. Clothes - books - curtains that I just knew who fit in a different house - a blender I never used in 36 yrs of marriage. With every box that has left our house I've felt a little lighter - not that I've actually lost weight but hey it counts!

    1. Faris - you always make me smile! It feels so good to let it go, doesn't it, my friend?!


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