Friday, May 10, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: My Stormy Outlook Edition

While I did my May Quests will have to wait until tomorrow to read about them. 

Today is Just For Fun:
As I have mentioned a little more than once on this blog, Hubby and I are very different.  We most certainly have an "opposites attract" kind of relationship which makes life very fun and interesting!

Last night Hubby mentioned that sometimes my Rosie outlook can be a bit much for him...and that if he ever wrote a blog, just to balance things out, it would be called My Stormy Outlook. 

I made me laugh too!

You see, Hubby is my editor.  Yes, it might surprise you that I have an editor and still have mistakes on this blog sometimes.  We usually work on this blog at the end of the day, and because we get up at some crazy before-the-sun hour...sometimes we are a bit tired and miss the mistakes. 

Either way, the reality is I need a little editing...because I'm really very good at communicating and every once in a while I might get a little carried away with it.  As with any other writer, I get a bit defensive at times when it comes to Hubby's editing recommendations...and yet usually he's right, and I really do need another eye to read what I write. 

This is the conversation we had last night as I bristled at his corrections.  I guess the truth is, I do have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my blog editor at times....well really I just love him.  I'm very thankful because he's my most ardent supporter, and I am very very grateful to have his editing in several areas of my life.

If that's a bit too much mush for you...or a little too Rosie of an outlook...or if you are one of those who can only take so much Rosie...maybe someday...when Hubby has a bit more time, he'll write a blog for you. 

I guess you better keep coming back and reading this blog...because you never know when Hubby might "guest blog" His Stormy Outlook.  And for some reason...if he ever does that...I'm thinking it will be a whole lot of Fun!

Check back tomorrow to read about my latest Quests and please contact me if you or someone you know has a prayer request.

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