Friday, May 3, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Good Deeds?

Today is not only Just For Fun Friday, but also Happy Family Day in our house because Hubby was able to take a day off from work.  We got to sleep in and eat out for lunch, and then he was able to work on a big project that he has wanted to do for awhile. 

While Hubby worked on his project, I spent time on my May Quests for the day.

Do A Good Deed & Pray for Someone
I put some of my plans on hold today to call Someone when I knew she might need a friend.  We talked for a bit on the phone.  After we hung up, I made a cup of tea and prayed for her, her family, and a difficult situation.  As the day went on, we chatted back and forth through text.

My heart hurt for her and the issue of concern.  It stayed with me all day.  So I spent a good deal of time talking it over with God.  Thankfully later in the day, good news came for my friend and we praised God for His mercies. 

As it turned out, my Good Deed today was to drop what I was doing to be there for a friend.  Because of her needs of the day, she and her family were also my Someones to Pray over.  I thank God for promptings from another friend to reach out to this friend and make her my May Quests today.

Just For Fun Friday
After such a heavy-hearted day, I am happy to share with you something Just For Fun...because it's Friday!

As you may know, I got the idea for my Do A Good Deed Quest from a little book I picked up at Target. 

This week I have flipped through it looking for Good Deed ideas and I have to say...some of the ideas in the book are great, but others...well...see what you think of these...

Give yourself a pep talk? 
That just makes me laugh! 
How is that a Good Deed?

How about this?
Treat yourself?

Do a little dance and be silly?

{And by the sorry for the poor photography tonight!
I was in a hurry and didn't take the time to get good lighting.
I just wanted pictures to prove to you that these pages are really in the book!}

Play hooky? 
How in the world is that a Good Deed?

Go for a swim? 
I don't get this one at all!

Now this one really cracked me up! 
I can see how this would be a Good Deed. 
I'm personally not a fan of swearing and it would be nice to not have to hear it on TV, in public, etc....

Shovel the snow for a neighbor...oh I really hope this is not an option in May...but with our crazy weather this just might be possible.

Floss....yes, that's what this page really says... Floss.
How funny is that? 
I guess I was Doing A Good Deed the whole month I worked on my Floss Quest!  Who knew? 

I hope this brought you a giggle tonight!  I know it did me! 

Have a good weekend!


  1. Just read this and I want to say thanks for being there for me that day


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