Friday, May 24, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Free GIVEAWAY Edition

It's For Fun....I'm doing my very first GIVEAWAY!!!

Before we get to the details of the Giveaway, here's an update on my May Quests these past few days.

Pray for Someone
Wednesday, I prayed for a young man who was hurt in an accident at work.  He spent hours in surgery and thankfully the doctors where able to accomplish a positive result.  I will continue to pray for this Someone as he goes through recovery from this unexpected injury. 

Yesterday, I prayed for some of my family.  They are off on a fun Northwestern Adventure.  They are taking some time to travel from the Midwest to explore and enjoy areas of North America they have never seen in person.  I am so excited for the experiences they will encounter along this journey.  I prayed for their safety and their time together.  I can't wait to hear all about it when they return.

Today, I prayed for a family who is waiting for the return of their son.  They are not sure where he is or what exactly happened to him.  I prayed God would be with them while they wait for news.  I asked God to be with him and bring him home to his family safely and quickly.

Do A Good Deed
Wednesday our Engineer and I signed up to volunteer for a program this summer.  Our church will be delivering meals to children in need throughout the summer and we are going to help with this wonderful project.  We are both looking forward to meeting the children and helping with this wonderful ministry.

Thursday our family supported a Boy Scout fundraiser at a local restaurant.  The boys from a troop in our community were the servers at the restaurant.  They did an awesome job serving everyone dining there last night and we were happy to donate to them.

Today...well today my Good Deed is my very first blog GIVEAWAY!!

All you have to do is leave a comment sharing your favorite Good Deed.  It can be something that was done for you or something you did for someone else.

What is the GIVEAWAY you ask?

In honor of my Do A Good Deed May Quest, the winner will receive a copy of this Good Deed journal:

Inside this adorable little journal you will find 365 ideas for doing one Good Deed A Day for an entire year! 

Each page offers an idea, a place to document the date you did the Good Deed and also a few lines to journal a little about the Deed. 

My copy of this unique book is what inspired me to do this Quest in May. It is my hope that the winner will also be inspired by this adorable little book.

Please share your first name and one of your favorite Good Deeds in the comments below. 

I will leave comments open until Wednesday afternoon.

Wednesday, May 29, I will randomly choose the winner.  The Someone who will get this great little GIVEAWAY will be announced in my Wednesday night blog post! 

Be sure to check back on Wednesday to see if you are the lucky winner!  I really look forward to reading your comments!


  1. Personally, I like to make handmade cards and sent one to a friend as a surprise... I make them for birthdays , etc, but those they know are coming!!! If I'm in a bad mood, it helps me to make cards because I get joy at creating something for someone else even if I don't know at the time who is going to get that card. It never fails to lift my own spirits!!!

  2. I would also like to nominate Dog whisperer who sent me a surprise tea party in a box on Friday because she knows I have been going through a difficult time.... Tea Queen


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