Friday, May 17, 2013

Just For Fun Friday: Calvin & Hobbes Edition

It's For Fun:

Thank you to the talented Bill Watterson!  As I try to live life with a Rosie Outlook, this cartoon just cracked me up! 

Hubby said he didn't get it....  hee hee

I also worked on my May Quests the last two days:

Pray for Someone
Yesterday I prayed for Sister.  She has a demanding career that she loves, but it can be stressful at times.  She supports her loving husband who also has a demanding career.  Their days can be long, but rewarding.  She is a loving and supportive mother of two twentysomethings.

Sister's days are busy, but she is happy doing what she loves to do - making a difference in the lives of her family and students.  So Thursday, I spent the day praying for her as finishes up this school year, takes a little break, and then begins preparations for the next school year.

Today, I spent the day in prayer for a couple that are very dear to me.  They have a deep desire to start a family.  It has been a long journey for them.  There have been disappointments and heartache.  My heart is with them every day as they wait on God to fulfill the desires of their hearts.  I prayed for God to sustain them until His plan for their family is revealed.

Do A Good Deed
In the last couple days, I have had the opportunity to leave a tip for someone who did a service for me.  Having spent my college days waiting tables at Aunt and Uncle's restaurant, I know how hard people in service jobs work.  I also know how important tips are to people in those jobs. 

It was my pleasure to have an opportunity to "over tip" a bit with a couple people.  Yes, they did an great job, and certainly earned a tip, but it was fun to leave just a little bit more than expected. 

Even though it's been a very long time since I waited tables, I remember some of the times I got an extra tip.  It was a blessing to me.  Many years later, I am now in a position where sometimes I can do that for someone else.  I guess you can call that paying it forward.

Another little deed I've been working on is to smile at strangers.  I am trying to slow down...take a little time to really take in the people around me when I am out and about.  I'm making a better effort to make eye contact and smile.  I want the people around me...whether I know them or feel they matter.  Because...people do matter. 

In fact YOU, dear reader matter to me.  So...if you have a prayer request, please feel free to contact me, and I will pray for you!

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