Thursday, May 30, 2013

June Quests: Taking Pictures & Exercising

May is just about to be in the history books, and it's time to announce my June Quests!  I have chosen two Heart & Spirit Monthly Quests for the next month.  I am very excited about one of them and kind of sheepish about the other one...

But...before I get to my June Quests, I want to share with you my May Quests for the day: 

Pray for Someone
Today I prayed for the sweet little baby that was my Someone just a couple weeks ago. I think this is the first time I have repeated a Someone, but this little baby is in need of prayers and I spent the day lifting him and his parents up to the Lord.  I asked for God's protection over this baby as he grows and develops.

He was born so little...and he's struggling to survive in this world.

Dear Lord...please be with this precious little life and his parents tonight. Please hold this family in your Mighty Hand. Please comfort them and bless them.  Please, Father, guide the doctors and nurses who care for this sweet little one.  I ask that You help all involved to know exactly what to do.  May this family feel Your love, strength, and comfort in these stressful, scary days.  And Lord...I ask You to lay Your warm, life-giving hand upon this tiny baby tonight and give him all that he needs to survive.

Do A Good Deed
This may sound like a funny one...but my Good Deed today was to be kind and understanding when I really really didn't want to be.  This afternoon a delivery was made to our home. It was not handled in a professional manner. From the beginning to the unsatisfying end, the customer service was poor....disappointing...frustrating.

My first reaction to was just let everyone involved have it. I mean...after all...I was, clearly, in the right and they were, most certainly, in the wrong. Something was ordered and paid for in good faith. I did my part correctly. I'm still not sure what they did on their end. All I can say is...they messed up...several times. They were...well...human. It was a chain reaction of human error.

As all these thoughts went through my mind... I decided that my Good Deed today would be to give everyone involved some Grace...a second chance....even though it didn't feel like they deserved it.

But you know...honestly...there have been plenty of times in my life that my family....friends....and yes, even strangers have given me undeserved Grace.  Of course there have been plenty of times in my life when Our Heavenly Father has bestowed huge helpings of Grace on me as well.

So today...I pushed aside what I wanted to say...and gave a little grace to several strangers.

And now...announcing my June Heart & Spirit Monthly Quests!

The Quest I am excited about will be to Take A Picture Every Day.  Recently, I purchased a new camera.  It is a little nicer and has a few more options than my old one.  I'm excited to try it out and see what pictures I can come up with in the coming month.  This is just a fun project I want to do.

My other Quest....the one I am a bit sheepish about....will not be fun for me.  It will, however, help my heart...and my spirit...and is something important I need to do.   Why am I sheepish about it?'s a Quest I've done before...twice before...and clearly I did not create the habit I was hoping I had created. 

Maybe it takes more than 30 days for me to create a habit....maybe it takes more than 60 days for me to create a here's to the third time.  Hopefully it's the charm.  This month I will Exercise Every Day.  ugh.  My goal is to do something....anything exercise related 30 minutes a day. 

I am looking forward to June.  I have high hopes I will enjoy using my new camera....and will finally create an exercise routine I can make a regular habit in my life.

I hope you will continue to journey on my Quests with me!


  1. My goal is to exercise every day in June too! We can do it!

  2. Maybe we can take a photo a day together! I've gotten out of the habit the last couple of years but I used to carry a camera around - take lots of photos. Back in the film days - yes I was around then - I could develop my own photos. Ah - the good old days. It's so easy now - download - edit using software and print. Photos speak to my heart - remind me of so much - good times and bad. Such easy reminders of people and memories. I can't wait to see God's photos!

    1. Oh yes, do it with me, Faris! It would be fun to see what we each come up with each day!

  3. I need desperately to join you in exercising daily!!! I thought I would try to watch my diet too. Ever since I've moved I've been horrible on both counts and I used to work hard at the gym four to five times a week. I like the camera idea but I already take too many photos... However I think it would be fun to share some on your blog. I don't know if we can send pictures to you but I'd like to see your interesting ones... I will take up the exercise quest with you. Maybe it will make it harder for me to back out!!!! All my children want to get into a regular gym routine as well. It's funny that I almost told you this was my June idea before you published!!!
    Tea queen

    1. Tea Queen, I'm excited you are joining me on the exercise quest! And yes, you can email me your photos and I can add them to my blog. What a fun idea!


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