Sunday, May 26, 2013

I Remember...

Tomorrow is Memorial Day.  I am most grateful for all those who have served our country...especially those who gave their very lives in service to this great nation.  Hubby and I have known a few of these brave souls personally...and truly...mere words cannot express the honor it is for us to have known them. 

Hubby and I each have a grandpa that served in the American military.  Hubby's Grandpa served in the Navy.  His Grandma raised two little ones while his Grandpa was away for long deployments during war time. 

My own Grandpa Pastor served in the Army Air Corps before he became a pastor.  Grandma Gem was a young new wife when she packed up their car and drove across the country to be with him while he served. 

Thinking of both couples today, I cannot imagine the hardships they endured.  What I do know is that all four of them were part of something great and wonderful that helped keep our country free in a time of world turmoil and I will be forever grateful to each of them. 

They not only gave to our country, but to our families as well.  Their service of honor and sacrifice is a shining example to our children...their great grandchildren.  Today, I think of our Grandparents and their part in helping to maintain FREEDOM in our great nation.  It is my honor to know and love them.

In respect of such a special remembrance day, I share my May Quests with you.

Pray for Someone
Today my prayers are for those who are remembering their loved ones this weekend.  There are so many wives...husbands...children...parents...even grandparents mourning a Service Member this weekend. 

My heart goes out to these people.  They are my Someones today.  I pray for them as they honor...remember...grieve...and live each day without their loved one.  I pray today that God will hold them close and comfort them as they mourn.

Do A Good Deed
Hubby and I support The Gary Sinise Foundation.  It is a wonderful organization founded by Gary "Lt. Dan" Sinise.  He played Lt. Dan in the epic movie Forest Gump.  Mr. Sinise already had respect for all military members before taking this role, but after playing Lt. Dan he realized the good he could do with this celebrity. 

It was then that he founded this incredible charity that supports, honors, and serves the needs of military members.  Some of my friends recently had an opportunity to meet Mr. Sinise in person and happily reported to me that he is the class act we thought him to be. 

So, this Memorial Day weekend, Hubby and I will be supporting this foundation and the great work they do for our American Military Members.

This weekend I remember the sacrifices our American Men and Women in Uniform have made for this country...for me...for you.

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