Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy May Day!

It just so happens that today is May 1st - May Day and I celebrated it by kicking off my May Quests in a special way.

Do A Good Deed and Pray for Someone
Have you ever left a basket of flowers on your neighbors front porch on May 1st?  I had never done it...until today.  And here's the sad truth....I had planned to do it for years....and when I say years....I mean for at least the last 10 or more years.  Now doesn't that make you feel better about some of your procrastinations? 

For many many Springs now, I have thought about surprising my neighbors with a May Day basket...and that is as far as it ever got. 

This morning I thumbed through my Good Deed journal thinking about what I might want to do for my first Good Deed Quest of the month, but nothing was exciting me...then I happened to look at my calendar and was reminded it is May 1st - May Day. 

Right then and there, I decided that THIS YEAR would be the year I would finally surprise my neighbors with May Day baskets. 

Now...first of apologies to all my former neighbors who have to live with "the thought that counts" while my current neighbors actually benefit from this over-a-decade-long idea.

And to make this an even crazier story...I don't even know ANY of my current neighbors.  Yes, I have met them...but I couldn't tell you any of their names and I bet they don't know ours either.  It's not that I'm a snob...or that they's just sadly how neighbors in the suburbs tend to live now. 

I'll admit I haven't made the biggest of efforts with my neighbors here.  They haven't either.  I wish I knew them and we were all friends, but people in my neighborhood drive into their garages, lower their garage door, and only hang out in the front yard while mowing. 

It's kind of hard to make friends...connect with people...when they are either inside their homes or running very loud machinery.  At least that's been my experience in this neighborhood....

Anyway, today I decided I was going to do a little Good Deed for my neighbors...and then the more I thought about it, I decided I might as well combine my Quests for today and pray for my neighbors as well. 

Of course, I don't even have any idea what their concerns are, so I prayed for each family and left it to God to know what they need today.  I pray maybe we will get to know them and be friends before it is time to once again move on.

After deciding on my Good Deed, I enlisted our Engineer to help.  To my delight he was happy to join in my effort, so after a morning of 10th grade school work, we loaded into the van and he drove us to a local plant nursery where we picked up five beautiful flowering plants.

Next, we drove down the road to a little Dollar Store where I didn't find any baskets, but I did find five cute little metal pots decorated in happy spring designs.  Liking the little pots much better than baskets, I purchased them, jumped into the van and headed off to lunch with our Engineer. 

After enjoying a little lunch, I sat a plant down in each pot and added a "Happy May Day!" card to each one.  Once our little May Day baskets were ready, we headed out to deliver our surprises.  Our Engineer loaded three pots into his arms and walked across the street to leave them on the doorsteps of those neighbors. 

I took one pot and walked next door and sat it on a little chair by the front door.  I turned to walk back to our house and I heard a car coming around the corner.  I was disappointed that someone would spot us as we tried to secretly do this Good Deed. 

Well wouldn't you know it?  Inside that car was my next door neighbor.  Of course she hollered out to me to see if I needed something, so I confessed to her that I had just left a little May Day goody on her front porch. 

The look of surprise on her face tickled me, because...yes it would be a surprise that your neighbor that never talks to you...and you never talk to her...and you don't even know her name...and she doesn't even know yours...would leave some May Day Flowers on your front porch.  Hee hee. 

By this point our Engineer had made it back to our front porch and I handed him the last pot of flowers.  We agreed that he was much more "stealthy" than me, so he delivered the last one to the neighbors on the other side of us. 

Of course he found it quite funny that he was able to anonymously leave four May Day flowers without being caught and I could not accomplish that even once.

Clearly the neighbor that caught me was surprised anyway.  I think our mission was completed whether they knew where the flowers came from or not. 

Because...truly in the was the thought that counted.  Of course actually getting real flowers in a cute little tin on their doorstep made it all the more fun, I'm sure.

*Don't forget...I'm still taking prayer request for another month, so please contact me with your concern and I will spend a day in prayer for you.*

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